Its not even summer yet and i am dying. Honestly the only things i really remember from this week is how much im sweating. I thought Vegas summers were hot till i got here. If you like feeling constantly wet with sweat move to Houston. But dont use a bike for your transportation!
The flood clean up is going pretty well. We are still doing tons of service. We are finding a lot more people who need help. Whats awesome about it is that the people we are helping are wanting us to teach them and wanting to come to church. I know these natural disasters are a huge blessing! We had some time this week to actually proselyte and teach. It felt so weird to put a skirt back on because i had been wearing service clothes for so long. It felt weird to ride my bike with a skirt again.
Like always i gonna fill ya’ll in on some miracles that happened this week. But let me tell you Heavenly Father really does have a sense of humor. On Thursday we were serving all day and then had appointments in the evening. We didnt have time to eat when we got home we just had to get dressed and get on the bikes and go. We were so hungry and as we prayed before our first lesson we asked that we may be fed. Well we did get fed…THRICE in a row. That never happens. After 1 1/2 meals i couldnt fit anymore in me but i had to. I literally felt like a balloon. But hey we got our answer to our prayer times 3. The other miracle is we got a ride to all our lessons yesterday! Hermana Guerra who is a less active thats recently coming back to church came up to us at church and said she wanted to drive us to all our appointments that day. We were so excited to not ride our bikes!!! (btw none of the hermanas in my zone have cars anymore because they got completely flooded) Such an awesome service that she did. She even offered to drive us to do our errands for pday. Its really nice not to have to be on bikes for a little bit. At first i told her no we are fine because i felt really bad to have her do that for us, especially because i know she is not doing well financially to be buying gas like that. But she begged us to let her because she wanted to serve us for serving all the other people of Houston all week. I cant tell ya’ll that was a huge tender mercy.
Next Monday we will know whats gonna happen for transfers. Im really nervous because i really dont want to be transferred because i love this area. But im prone to get transferred because ive been here my whole mission. I just want atleast one more transfer here in Houston 9. But i will do what the Lord wants me to do, I will go where he wants me to go.
Ive been studying a bunch about obedience and why we have rules and commandments. I want you guys to think to yourself why are you obedient? why do you choose to follow rules or follow the commandments? The answers i came up with are i am obedient because i love my Heavenly Father. He knows whats best fro me. Sometimes rules or commandments dont make sense but they are of God so they are perfect. Every single commandment has a purpose we may not know what it is but God knows. I trust in him to lead me back to him. I know that the commandments are for my protection and sometimes just for a test of our faith. Dont ever question the will of our Heavenly Father he knows best. I encourage you guys to do the will of God because you want to, not just because you have to and you know it is right. You will see way more blessings as the outcome i promise you that. Love ya’ll soo much!!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Tousley

heres some links to the service we are doing. also if you go to deseret news theres some pictures of me

· http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2015/06/03/meyerland-area-flood-victims-get-help-from-mormon-helping-hands/28437107/








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