We are still doing service all day everyday! 6/1/15

It hasnt been that long since i last emailed so theres not much to say. We are still doing service all day everyday! The city of Houston sent a few pictures to my email of us missionaries serving. I am in the ones they sent me. I have also been interviewed my the public affairs people for the church news and for the Houston newspaper. Its been so awesome to serve and to see these people feel the love of Christ and know they are not alone. One of the ladys we were helping on Saturday named Pam was probably the best reaction ive seen to our help. Her house had not been touched for almost a whole week since the flood happened and she still had carpet and everything in her house. We spent 9 hours on her house ripping out the carpet and getting rid of everything. She had lived in that house since she was 6 and now she is 70 so there is tons of memories in that home so it was very hard for her to see everything go. As we were leaving her house she gave me a big hug and cried her eyes out telling me she was so thankful for us and that she had felt as if Jesus Christ himself was in her home. I am so thankful for this opportunity that us missionaries in this mission have to do this service and truly be representatives of Jesus Christ. I have never been so happy to pull up moldy carpet and wear a mask for hours at one time. This is a huge learning and growing experience for me. Yesterday our whole stake stepped up and did service with us. We all met at 9am and only had sacrament and then went to work! The mayor came to our church building and spoke to us as well. It was a huge deal. I know it was a huge learning experience for our members as well.

     I encourage ya’ll to search those out who are in need. Even though there may not be natural disasters around you search for those who are lonely, and in need. I know your faith will grow and that you will know Christ more through being more Christ-like. You will truly feel love for everyone around you as Jesus Christ would. Love ya’ll!!!
Hermana Tousley

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