2 big things happening this week. I am getting transferred! I don’t know where to yet but I find out on Wednesday. I never thought this day would come. Ive made so many close friendships that I will never forget. Im really gonna miss the people of Houston 9. Everyone is so sad and they don’t want me to leave. Especially the kids. Its gonna be really hard saying goodbye but I know Heavenly Father has other people waiting for me. Im willing to go where he wants me to go. Second big thing is we are getting evacuated out of our apartment. Theres another big storm coming but this time its a hurricane. So we are gonna go live with some other missionaries for a week because our area is really low and is gonna get flooded and probably hit. I have to pack all my things anyway because im getting transferred so im cool with it. The worst part about it is I don’t get to see everyone before I leave because we are evacuating today.
     We had some big miracles this week. Michael got baptized! Everything that could possibly go wrong happened to try and get Michael not to get baptized. But we did everything we could to fight Satan and get him to the font. He was so happy, ive never seen him smile so big. I know that this baptism is going to bring his family closer together and get them to be more active in church. Homero ( Michael dad who isn’t a member but has taken all the lessons) is the next project! I know that he felt the spirit as his son was being baptized and I know he wants to be baptized. Another miracle was we got a referral from a member (which NEVER happens) and he is so legit! He doesn’t smoke or drink (which is impossible to find) and he wants to change his life.  His name is Jorge and he just moved here form Mexico. We taught him the Restoration and he accepted to be baptized on the 27th of June. Im sad I don’t get to be here to teach him but hopefully I can get permission to see his baptism.
     As you guys may know I am getting a new mission president at the end of this month. My current mission president, President Ashton has been called to be the 2nd counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency! You can see it on Man that guy never gets a break. We are gonna miss him a lot!
     Everything else is going pretty good. Im just a little nervous to know where im going because Houston is so diverse and I want to stay in the city but we will see. Please keep Houston in your prayers!  I know your prayers can make a difference. I love ya’ll so much!!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley
DSCN8141[1] RSCN8155[1]
We made tres leches cake with Leonor and Karla!
DSCN8113[1] DSCN8118[1]
Carlitos is wearing my placa (nametag)
DSCN8123[1] DSCN8124[1]
The shade difference haha and the beautiful Houston sky
DSCN8126[1] DSCN8133[1]

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