My baby Hermana Hall got transferred to Galveston ( which is the part of our mission thats an island) I miss her so much already. My new companions name is Hermana Savage. She actually came out on the mission at the same time as me. Its so funny when she tells people her name in Spanish. They give her the craziest look. We have been doing some really good work together this week.

     We have gone from having 1 investigator to 6! Big miracles are happening in this area. I promised President Ashton that “if” i get transferred that i am going to leave this area better than i found it. Its been pretty rough but i know miracles happen.
     Two of our investigators names are Gabby and Paco. Gabby is best friends with Connie (who is a member) and Paco is Gabbys son. They are so interested and already have a testimony of the First vision! We know that its going to be alot easier with them because they have friends who are members who can help them along the way. Investigators are more likely to be baptized when they have member friends.
     We also have Michael who is the son of a less active. We are working to get the less active going by her being able to help her son become a member of the church. Its going really well. I love to see families come together in beliefs.
     Julia is our other investigator. She is a referral from a member. We have tried to see her for about a month now and every tie we have gone she was too busy. But for some reason Heavenly father kept telling me we needed t try her and that she is prepared to hear the gospel. So we were finally able to teach her. She is so excited to read the Book of Mormon! Only problem is that her husband wont let her come to church so we are going to work with him to soften his heart.
     There are so many miracles ready to happen. I just gotta have the faith, patience, and diligence to see them happen. I was reading this morning in Alma chapter 32. Verses 41-43 really hit me. If we are patient and have faith and work diligently towards whatever we are looking for we are gonna be blessed with fruit (blessings) I encourage you guys to keep working, dont give up.  The blessing are on there way and they will be sweeter than you could ever imagine. I love ya’ll so much!!! have a great week 🙂
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley
heres some little kids that were so excited to get a pass along card with Jesus and the temple on it.

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