Yes im staying in Houston 9 again. Hermana Hall is being transferred. I will meet my new companion on Wednesday. I cant believe ive been in this area this long! Im almost half way done with my mission. But I know Heavenly Father has a lot more work for me here. I know that the people in this area need me. Im really happy to stay and still be with all my recent converts.
     I got to go to the temple twice this week! Super lucky. On Tuesday my ward mission leader Jose went to the temple to get his endowments. It was such an awesome experience. All of us missionaries who have worked with him that are still here on the mission went to support him. The second time I went with Connie and Fito! They got to do baptisms for the dead. Fito was so excited to do a baptism for his brother who died a year ago. I cant explain what a joy it is to see people be baptized and then go to the temple and be baptized for their ancestors. Its so beautiful.
     I had something really embarrassing happen to me this week. In my ward nobody can play the piano or direct music. Me and Hermana Hall have to do it every week. We were singing the opening song in sacrament which was “The Spirit of God”. As ya’ll may know this hymn is pretty long. After the third verse I totally thought the song was over and started to walk off the stand and then I heard Hermana Hall keep playing the piano and realized I missed a verse! It was so funny. Bishop is never gonna let this one pass it’ll be on me forever haha
     I have had a lot of humbling experiences this week and truly learned how to be a representative of Jesus Christ. Ive seen so many huge miracles this week as I have sacrificed a lot for the work. Last week I fasted from speaking English, from negativity, and I didn’t take meal breaks I just took the food with me in my backpack. Through those sacrifices we are now teaching 5 new people! This area is being so blessed. One of the big miracles I saw was yesterday. As ya’ll know Adrian and Valerie moved to California in February. We have not been able to get in contact with them since then. I have tried emailing and havnt gotten any response. As I was typing up my miracle ( Sister Ashton wanted us to send her a miracle in our emails yesterday because shes making a miracle book for the mission) in my email I see a message form Valerie! I didn’t get to read it or respond until today but it is such a miracle to know they are safe!
     I really am more and more converted each day through the miracles I see and through this beautiful work. Not only do I have Christs name on my heart on my nametag but I know his name is being written in my heart. I hope he is written in oyur heart and that you can be a witness of him and his gospel. I love this gospel I know it to be true. I want the whole world to know it!
I love ya’ll so much! and Have a Happy Mothers Day!
Con mucho amor
Hermana Tousley
P.s. Please read Mosiah chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon! Its a really awesome reminder.
Heres all of us missionaries that were there with Jose
r,DSCN1243[1] DSCN1245[1] DSCN1250[1]

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