Its been an awesome week and i have seen so many miracles! Me and my companion decided to make a list of possible miracles in our area like eternigators ( investigators for eternity) and part member families. We have been praying everyday for those miracles and some of them are already beginning to happen! We are so blessed!

     Michael Guerra ( the son of one of our less actives) has a baptismal date for the 31st of May! We are super excited for him and we are hoping that his baptism will soften his dads heart to wanting to be baptized as well. Its so amazing to see a testimony of Jesus Christ grow in such a young kid. He is 9 years old and already has a testimony of the atonement. He knows what Christ suffered and why he did it. He has ADHD and sometimes its hard to teach him and keep him focused. But its just so amazing how he understands and he has been learning so much. Sometimes we have to relate certain gospel topics to things he likes like Mine Craft. When we taught him the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ we related it to an xbox. The console is Jesus Christ because without Jesus Christ we wouldnt have the chruch. The controller is the priesthood because we wouldnt be able to do any ordinances without the priesthood and the church wouldnt exist. The game in the console is the chruch and the person playing the game is the Prophet who holds the priesthood (controller) and leads and guides the church (game) on a foundation of the teachings of Jesus Christ ( the console). And last is the cheat sheet to beat the game is the Book of Mormon. Awesome right?
     We are also teaching the daughter of a recent convert her name is Maritza. She says she has been baptized already but her family says she hasnt so we are waiting to get her records to see if shes a member or not. But we had a lesson with her earlier this week and it was just a horrible day for her kids. They were screaming and crying the whole lesson. So we get to the closing prayer and my companion says it. But one of her kids Mia gets really mad because she wanted to say the pray ( she can barely speak) so she starts screaming and crying again. We tell her that she can say the prayer but she just kept crying and telling her mom to do it and her mom prayed ( miracle because she never wants to pray) and then she was still mad and wanted to pray. So we helped her say a prayer. It was the most beautiful and spiritual prayer i have ever heard. Although i could barely understand what was being said the spirit was so strong and we were all in tears. Maritza now has a testimony of prayer.
     There are two less active teenage girls in my area Eliud and Eslenly. Every time we try and visit them we get the cold shoulder and a door shut in our face. Their mom Janie is a nonmember and has investigated the church before. But she could never come to church because of her crazy work schedule. I had a prompting to try and see them on thursday and make them some cookies and just drop them off. We went to drop them off and Janie was there! She was so happy to see us and gave me a big hug. She said they have recently had a death in the family ( her brother) and that its been rough and that she has a new job and she has Sundays off and wants to come to church. She said she would bring Eliud and Eslenly with her! Her son also wants to start investigating as well. Its so crazy what just a plate of cookies and a kind act could do for someone.
     All of these people were on our miracle list and they are happening now! Im so thankful to have seen these miracles and to be a part of them. If we take the time to just think of all the blessings we have and really see what Heavenly Father has done for us each day i know you will be able to see all the many miracles that happen each day in your life. I know Heavenly Father loves all of you and is conscience of your needs. Sometimes the trials are the miracles that are placed in your life. Remember to be grateful for the trials too because they are the BIGGEST blessings!
Love ya’ll!!!
Hermana Tousley
It was pouring rain and Hermana Mendez decided to give us these raincoats!


Getting soaked on the bike!  and yes thats a GREEN water pool….dont know if thats water or what

DSCN1272[1] DSCN1278[1]


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