We love your missionary

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to let you know that your missionary has arrived safely in the Texas Houston South Mission, the best mission in the world!!  They are happy and absolutely wonderful. President Ashton and I are thrilled to welcome them. We had a terrific afternoon and evening together on Tuesday. We enjoyed getting to know each of them.  Your missionaries received some training and then had the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people on the streets of Houston.  After, we enjoyed dinner together as well as a beautiful testimony meeting. Wednesday they received some more training, met their trainers as well as many other missionaries, and then left to their areas to meet and teach the wonderful people of Houston.  They come with such courage and strength.   You should be very proud of them.

I have attached a photo from our gathering in the mission home. As you can see, there are many smiles.  We have seven children (not all of them are pictured.)  Our youngest is 2 and our oldest is 15. They are so excited to be a part of your missionary’s life!
Again, thank you for the opportunity you have given us to serve with these fine missionaries. We love them already and promise to take good care of them. May you find great joy and blessings as you continue to support them in bringing souls to Christ through His restored gospel. This is His work and these missionaries are on His errand. More joy awaits them than they have ever experienced!

With love,
President and Sister Ashton, Spencer, Braeden, Jacob, Elisabeth Kate, Ethan, Daniel, and Wesley

  1. P-days are on Monday which is the day they will write/receive email. If they are assigned to Galveston Island, however, their email day will be Tuesday.  I know they will love hearing from you each week and need to know you are loving and supporting them.  Please send/email at least a short note each week.  Also, if you have any sensitive information to share with your missionary that may cause him/her emotional distress, please call, text, or email my husband or myself so we can determine the best way for him/her to receive the information and so that we are aware that he/she may need some extra attention.  Thanks for everything.



email 10/6/2014 Good bye Mexico

Hola everyone!
Today is my last day in Mexico….im actually really sad to leave i love it here and i love everyone who has helped me to become the missionary i am now. Im so thankful for the CCM and the experiences i have had here. I have truly been converted to this gospel even more. I know i am doing the work of the Lord and i know he is qualifying me for the work. I am so grateful for the privilege i have to wear the name of Jesucristo on my heart. I am grateful to be a representative of him. I cannot express my gratitude in words for this gospel and for a loving Heavenly Father who is always there. I know he answers our prayers, i know he loves each and every one of us, and i know he sees us as the beings we are meant to become. Ive never been so happy in my life.
General Conference hit to the heart didnt it? I have so much appreciation for thos men of God and for the service they give for this true church. I am so thankful that we are able to hear the will of God from them. Those words they spoke are scripture also and we should be studying them too. i have really grown to appreciate that i have the scripptures, i know of the true church, i know there is a living prophet, and i know Gods will for me. I want everyone in the world to know and feel that.
Im so grateful for all of you. Im especially grateful for the family i have and for the firm foundation they built in my home. Im so grateful to have an eternal family and to know that i can be with them forever. Life only gets harder and harder. We need to see our trials and hard times as blessings form God to build our faith and to become more like him and our brother Jesucristo. I know its only gonna get harder for me from here but i know it will all be worth it to even just bring that one soul unto Christ.
I love you guys so much and i challenge you to act like a representative of Christ. You may not be wearing his name on your heart on a nametag but you have taken his name upon you through baptism. You are a missionary and you have that responsibility to share the truth and joy that you know. Dont ever be too scared or give up, dont leave the man at the door, get him to Christ! Fix your eyes on Jesucristo and it can all be possible.

Hermana Tousley

P.S. Im not sure when my pday will be once i get to Houston but i will let you know next week!

Email from 9/30/2014

I cannot believe its my last week here in Mexico. Its so crazy how time flies. We actually learned from Elder David A. Bednar that this is the hardest MTC…..so crazy. The week flies by so fast that i cant remember what happened what day. I leave for Houston on Oct 7th! Ill proby be able to email you guys before then hopefully. Ive been learning so much spanish that its really hard for me to email in english so sorry if i misspell or my grammar is wrong.

The main topic of things i did learn this week was Charity. To some people it is probly just a word. But i learned so much more than that. Charity is a christlike attribute. Charity is the love of Christ.
The real language i am learning here on my mission is the language of love. The language of turning ourselves outwards instead of inwards. An example of this is when Christ was rejected and spit upon and crucified by the people, he still turned outwards and said “Father fogive them for they know not what they do.” Instead of turning inward and thinking about himself and what he was suffering he worried able the people who were doing those things for him. As i am out here on my mission i have realized that change in myself. I am no longer turned inwards. My first thoughts are always for others, at time they may be for myself because i am not perfect but i have noticed the change in me. We should all want to acquire that Christ like attribute and always serve others. Missionary work doesnt stop for me when i get home, ive got lots more work to do when i get home. This is just the beginning…I encourage all of you to have Charity and to  remember all the blessings you have been given.
Another thing that really struck me this week that never has before is all the Joseph Smith suffered.
How could this gospel not be true? What 14 year old boy would stick to a lie and later in life suffer so much pain an affliction for a lie? No one would. He gave his all to the restoration of this church. He did all he could with his heart in the work and i want to be just like him as i do my missionary work.
I love you alll so much and i love hearing from you every week. Dont ever forget how much you are loved and that every soul is great in the eyes of God.
Hermana Tousley

Email from 9/16/14


Man this week has been pretty rough…especially with missing snacks from home like white cheddar cheezits lol. Im so amazed by how much i am learner and the better teacher i am becoming. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with the gift of tongues. My branch president says i speak like a native, that i have the natural spanish tongue. Its so exciting to do this work. I feel the Lords hand in my day constantly. Monday was Mexican Independence Day it was so loud and crazy all day around us. We got to see their cultural dances and have some yummy food. We had a lot of fun. I never thought i could love a culture so much. We have been teaching recent converts and inactives its been pretty awesome. Ive gotten so good at speaking spanish and bringing the spirit into lessons. I love this work with all my heart! Love you guys! Hope everything is going well.
Hermana Tousley

Email 9/2/14

¡Hola Familia! 

Where do i begin?? Well first of all méxico is crazy! The city is pretty but always so loud. Its so hard to sleep sometimes because all i hear is honking, music, y policia sirens. The MTC is like a little gated nice area in the middle of a ghetto city. My companions name is Hermana Millard. I love her!! we are so much alike. We seriously quote Nacho Libre like all day. She is also going to Texas Houston South! so are the other two girls in our casa. Im trying hard not to type in spanish so if i throw in a few spanish words sorry. I am learning spanish so fast!! I love the language so much. Its so crazy how much i love i have for all the people here. I have my first investigator. HIs name is Roque. I commited him to Baptism yesterday!! This work is so amazing. I have never felt so much joy in my life. I love learning of this gospel and being around a different culture.These past few days have been the longest days of my life. I have never been so tired at the end of the day. I know Heavenly Father is blessing me and helping me get through this. This is probly the hardest thing ive ever done but i know its worth it.On sunday i gave the prayer in sacrament in spanish! Sometimes i really dont know how words come out of my mouth in spanish but they do. Its amazing how much i am blessed with the gift of tongues.I hope everything is going well at home. I miss you guys so much! Please send me pictures!!! I love you guys so much!  
                                                                                      Hermana Tousley

Email Received from Monica first day at MTC 8/27/14

Hey guys! i made it to mexico! I dont have much time to write but just wanted to let you know im safe. If you guys can, please give me the rest of the familys emails. Talk to you soon Love you!


So far i am loving the spirit here. I finally feel official with this nametag on! i miss you guys a bunch already but i know this is the right thing for me. When people say Mexico is ghetto…they REALLY mean it!! Cant wait to get started here love you guys! 

p.s. Please share this message with the rest of the family.

Texas Houston South Mission