After almost 16 months and I finally figure out what im doing!

What a mind blowing week. We had some representatives from the Salt Lake missionary department come have a training with the leaders of the mission. They showed me how to be a missionary. Its sad that i finally figured it out and i have 2 months left to apply it. But im gonna work extra hard these last 2 months!

    One thing they emphasized that i would like to share with yall is the importance of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, which is Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. These 5 things should be everything we are, what we do, what we think, and what we share. It is essential to our Salvation. These 5 things are our steps to returning back to our Heavenly Father and these steps only exist because of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the only person who makes this possible. If we dont see that big picture, the reason why we are here, then we need to find it. We have to KNOW our purpose and LIVE it. This is why we are here so it should be the center of or lives. Christ is everything and has provided is with the key to enter the Kingdom of God but we have to do our part to receive that key. A good question to ask yourself is,Does the Doctrine of Jesus Christ burn in my soul? Im so thankful to have had this training because it was a big eye opener to me and i see things so different now.
    Just a little update on my progressing investigators:
Miguel Bustos – still has a baptismal date for the 2nd of Jan and he is doing so good! he is striving to live the word of wisdom and his testimony is just so amazing. Ive never taught someone with so much desire to be baptized and to change.
Edwin Benitez- He is doing awesome. Hes gonna need a little bit more time now that he is going to Addiction recovery program but he is still on track and working hard to be baptized.
Lauren Tijerina – She is all ready to be baptized she just wants to see one before she is baptized so hopefully she can see one in the mission this weekend.
Maria Escobar – Shes officially my Salvadorian abuela. She is just so excited to learn and wants to be baptized so bad. Thats all she mentions!
     Heavenly Father has blessed us with some really prepared people. I cant wait to see them take their first step to their salvation. It makes it all worth it 🙂
I love you lots!!! please keep me updated on how yall are sharing the Gospel and the blessings your seeing!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley
P.s. I know its hard sometimes to do whats right and to keep up with what Heavenly Father wants from us but this quote always helps me through it and im sure it will help yall.   “Don’t give up. … Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. … It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come. – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
This is why i love Sunnyside! Yes those are Gospel choir dummies behind the Nativity
Just another pic with my Bestie Maria 🙂

How is it already December?

Things are going great in Sunnyside! We are finding a lot of new people to teach and seeing more investigators progressing 🙂 Especially with the churches Christmas initiative “A Savior is Born” many people are opening up to the gospel. Its so amazing to see how Christ affects everyone around me.

     I just wanted to share two really awesome miracles with yall. They both happened on Friday. We were teaching a part member family, The Rivas family, about how Christ is the center of Christmas and what it means to us that he came. One of the boys Junior volunteered to say the closing prayer (which never happens) and said one of the most simplest, sweetest prayers i have ever heard. He said “Dear God, i am thankful that the Hermanas came to teach us about your son. And God i just want to live with Jesus one day and be happy. Thank you God for Jesus Amen.” A prayer has never touched my heart as much as this one did. It was straight from his heart and he just wants to live with Christ again. Children are just something special.
     Our other miracle was all perfect timing. We were going to go visit someone but then the spirit told us to go visit a referral we got. So we go and theres a lady (Blanca) outside drinking some liquor. We go up to her thinking oh its just another drunk person that is gonna reject us. But it turned out to be way different. She ended up telling us about some hard trials that she has been through and that she escapes from the pain with alcohol. We testified of Christ to her and how Christ can heal any scar with his Atonement. She was so happy and told us that she knows we came at that specific moment for a reason and that she wants to change her life and listen to our discussions. She called us her angels 🙂 I truly do know that Gods timing is perfect! When we are in tune with the spirit we can be the tools in his hands and see miracles.
     Im so thankful to be able to testify of my Savior Jesus Christ everyday. I am also so thankful for yall and your support. Les quiero!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley
What can i say? it was a had day….
also heres some more swingers!
i just have a weakness for cute chihuahuas

Im staying in Sunnyside!! and…Im a Sister Training Leader 11/30/15

So yes im still staying in Sunnyside 🙂 ill probably finish my mission here. I have this transfer and then just one more after that so it looks like i will stay here. Other big news is i have been called to be a Sister Training Leader! I really dont think im worthy enough for this calling but i know God will qualify me for it.

     Its only been like 4 days since ive written so theres really not much to say. A little update on my progressing investigators:
Lauren Tijerina: Getting baptized this coming up Sunday! she is all set to go 🙂
Edwin Benitez: Hes still working towards his baptismal date on Dec 12th. Hes doing really good!
Mike Bustos: Hes progressing so much! He also has a date for Dec 12th.
Maria Escobar: She also has a date for the 12th. Shes so excited for Baptism!
Wesley Campos: Hes still having some problems with the Book of Mormon, but we know he will turn around.
I loveseeing their lives changing. Its amazing! This Gospel brings so much joy its undescribable.
     Theres a new Christmas iniciative this year its called “A Savior is Born” if you go to you can watch the video. I want yall to really focus on your Savior and why him being born, and existing is so important to you. WIth that knowledge of how important he is to you, think about all the people out there who dont have this knowledge. Take action and share it with everyone around you. You may not know them but they are your brothers and sisters. We are all apart of Gods work of Salvation and he wants us to return together. So as his disciples share your testimony of Christ with EVERYONE!!
Love yall!!
Hermana Tousley

Happy Thanksgiving! 11/25/15

We went to the temple today so we had to change our pday to today also, thats why i didnt write on Monday. Last year i actually liked the holidays on the mission but this year i dont know they are a little bit harder. But i hope yall have an awesome thanksgiving! Just please dont tell me the awesome food your gonna be eating because last year all i had was the usual (rice, beans, and tortillas). We will see what its like this year.

     We have had such HUGE miracles this week! and maybe some more scary casting out devil stuff. So our investigator Maria Escobar was super close to baptism and then just started ignoring us. But for some reason Heavenly Father wanted us to keep trying to see her and keep knocking her door. Finally yesterday we went,not expecting her to open the door but she did! Turns out there were some bad spirits in her home that wouldnt leave her alone and they were threatening her that they would hurt her if she got baptized. So we called the Elders over and they cast the spirits out and now shes back! She still wants to be baptized! Thats just one of the miracles we had this week, there were so many more but i have no time to write, we gotta get teaching. Love yall!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley

Are we really doing Gods will?

Its been a really awesome week and im loving being a missionary more and more each day. But today i just want to share with yall the things i learned in my zone conference with President Hall this week. I know they are things i needed to learn and that they will be a benefit for you too.
We talked about doing the will of God. When Christ introduces himself in 3 Nephi 11:8-11 he shows that he came down to earth to fulfill the will of his Father.This is exactly why we are here, to be OBEDIENT. We all have our agency and sometimes we think choosing the wrong things is the “easy way out” when really obedience is freedom. When we are obedient we are independent. When we give up our agency and do the will of God by being obedient to his commandments is when we truly find ourselves and our identity. Honestly, obedience cant be forced on us. We are never forced to be obedient and thats why obedience is the ONLY thing that we have that we can give to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. A lot of us like to define humble as someone who is poor. But thats not true. When we are humble is when we give our will up and do the Fathers will. We also got to listen to a testimony from Elder Holland, heres a few things he touched on: Christ suffered because of the will of the Father. Salvation isnt cheap, we HAVE to suffer. Christ chose to wear the marks of suffering. His body will be the only one that is not perfect because of his wounds that he chose to wear. He did all of this for the will of the Father. This made me really think,What am i willing to do for the will of the Father? I want yall to think about that also and think about the things that you need to change in order to be aligned with the will of the Father. I love yall so much!

Con amor,

Hermana Tousley

Sunnyside pics!

Its finally cooling down!

It was an awesome week! Our investigators are progressing and really have the desires to be baptized. I dont have very much time to write but i just wanna update yall on the miracles i have seen this week. Wesley and Mike are so legit! They came to the broadcast conference that we had this Sunday and loved it! They also came to a baptism of a little boy in the branch. They told us how excited they are to get baptized. One of the Elders in the branch, Elder Smith was talking with Wesley after and getting to know him and must of mentioned being a missionary to Wesley because Wesley came up to us and said “Hermanas Elder Smith me dijo que despues de mi bautismo pudeo acompanarles a sus citas, yo quiero eso.” Which means Hermanas Elder Smith told me that after my baptism i can come teach with you guys, i really want that. We are so excited for him to progress. Mike is also so excited. We biked with Mike and Wesley to show them how to get to the church. They are willing to do anything for the Gospel its such a huge example to me. Also I really enjoyed getting to ride my bike again even though our district leader Elder Havea was freaking out because he was worried something would happen to us. He was acting like a Dad haha. But i wouldnt blame him it is super dangerous for us Hermanas to be on bike here but we were praying the whole way and we were fine except that Hermana Andersons tired popped and we had to walk some of the way but the Elders came and walked with our bike and gave us their car. We are really protected and taken care of here so no worries.

     We got to go to the temple with Abel this week! He was able to do some of my temple names because hes an orphan and doesnt know his parents names. But it was amazing to see him go and even though hes blind he knew the temple was beautiful and he felt its beauty and the wonderful spirit there. Even though there were lots of obstacles getting to the temple it was all worth it!
i hope yall had an amazing week! Love yall!
Hermana Tousley
this is a typical car in Sunnyside. SWINGERS
also this is Jocelyn, we made her a nametag and she wears it every Sunday 🙂
Abel at the temple! Also Luis’s baptism 🙂
SAM_9014[1] SAM_9015[1] DSCN9037[1]
This is wesley and mike and their friend Juan (not a very clear picture of them) and us in the Elders Van after we got our flat tire
DSCN9028[1] DSCN9036[1]

Happy Belated Halloween!

So much happened this week i dont even know where to start. We had some pretty crazy things happen and some big miracles.

     I guess ill start off with the crazy things. Its kinda ironic that these things happened the week of Halloween. We found out that a devil church was started in Sugarland which is where my mission office is. They have permission to sacrifice animals and broadcast their services. There will probably be a lot more crazy things happening in Houston but we will stay strong and keep working. Also on Tuesday we had one of the most craziest lessons ever.I have never been so scared and felt so empty of the spirit in my life. We were teaching one of recent converts in the branch and he wasnt being responsive like he usually is. And out of nowhere he starts talking in scripture language and telling us that he is Christ and telling us a whole bunch of false doctrine stuff. It was so scary. We are pretty sure he got possessed by an evil spirit because he was talking in a different voice too. It was pretty crazy…i never want to feel that way again. Then on Halloween we wake up to a big flood and storm. Luckily the tornado didnt hit my area.But it hit an area in my zone. So halloween was a little boring just being inside for most of the time combing out lice lol…Which by the way im lice free! But my poor companion still has it.
     Okay now for the miracles and good stuff! So im not sure if yall remember my big miracle day last week with finding some new investigators. But two of those investigators Mike (the one i wrote about probably about a month ago that kissed the Book of Mormon when we gave it to him) and Wesley (the 18 year old that had questions about life and our purpose here) accepted baptismal dates and are progressing! They are so excited to learn and seem to really understand what they need to do to be baptized. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father is blessing us with the prepared people to teach. He really does prepare people!
     We had a Conference with Elder Lawrence E Corbridge from the 70. I learned so much of how to be a better missionary and do the Lords work the way he wants it done. I also learned that in order to have faith we need to first know that God exists, second understand who God is and his nature, and third believe and know the life that we are living is acceptable to God. When we can say and know these things we truly have faith. But the biggest thing he taught us is that The Atonement of Jesus Christ is sufficient for all. His grace is sufficient. He knows we are weak (Ether 12:27). We just need to take action and come unto him! HIs sacrifice is INFINITE and MORE than enough. I know this to be true and i love my Savior Jesus Christ. I hope that yall know this for yourself and if you dont please strive to. I know it will make a difference in your life and for your eternity.
Les Quiero!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley

Life is great! Except that i have LICE….. 10/26/15

I got my new companion on Wednesday! Her name is Hermana Anderson. She is from Colorado and is just a little younger than me in the mission. We work really well together! We have lots of Companionship unity (especially after combing eachothers hair out for lice). Just after being together for  two days we find out we both have lice….Its actually a funny story because we were in the middle of spanish study and i got a prompting from the spirit to check my head for lice with the lice comb and sure enough there it was. It took 4 hours alone just to comb my hair out! There was no way i was gonna cut my hair like other hermanas do haha That day when we found the lice there was a huge rain storm because of the hurricane in Mexico so we know Heavenly Father was watching out for us because we were able to comb our hair out on a less productive day instead of wasting time on a sunny day when everyone is outside. Hopefully we got rid of all the lice!

    We are already having awesome miracles together. On Friday we met so many new investigators. It was like everyone was just coming to us. Hermana Anderson is really enjoying Sunnyside. She has never been in the city areas so this is really new to her. But we are working hard! Maria Escobar is still good for her baptismal date on November 7th. Shes a golden investigator. Lauren Tijerina is doing awesome too. She is so ready for baptism. Things look like they are really changing for this area. We are putting in all the effort that we can and Heavenly Father is blessing us so much!
     How are yall doing? What are you doing to share the gospel? I wanna hear from yall and know the things that i can pray for to make your lives easier 🙂
Love yall!!!
Hermana Tousley
Lice problems!
 DSCN8912[1] DSCN8917[1]DSCN8904[1]

Staying in Sunnyside!

     I went on exchange this week into a nicer area. We were on bike! I was so happy to be on bike again! We still have Edwin, Maria Escobar, and Lauren Tijerina who are progressing towards baptism. Its such a big blessing to have investigators who are willing to take action and change.
     We went to the temple as a mission this week and i had one of the best experiences i have ever had at the temple. I received so much personal revelation that is truly changing everything i am. I felt as if President Hall, and President Crane (the temple president) were speaking straight to me. The things that were said that day will change my life forever. I love the temple. I know its the house of the Lord and that we receive a further knowledge of who we are and where we are going as we attend the temple often. If we are fixed on always being worthy to enter the temple we will be able to overcome all of lives challenges. Our Heavenly Father is so merciful! He has truly given us everything he possibly can and more to get back to him. We have to do our part and TRUST IN HIM.
Les Quiero!!!
Hermana Tousley
most of my pictures this week are of my district. But i did get a selfie with President Hall!
DSCN8861[1] DSCN8859[1] DSCN8858[1] DSCN8852[1]
district and the branch primary!
DSCN8851[1] DSCN8875[1]

Transfer calls are next week. Hopefully i get to stay here in Sunnyside

Transfer calls are next week. Hopefully i get to stay here in Sunnyside so that i get to see my investigators be baptized. This week we are having a mission temple trip! I cant wait to go to the house of the Lod and receive some more revelation.

     Ive been feeling a little down because im working so hard and doing all that i can for these people but  i feel like i get my investigators so close to baptism and then they slip through my hands. But im gonna keep my head up and keep helping them. Edwin is suppose to be baptized this saturdaybut its all depending on him and his choice to stop smoking. Please pray that he will have the strength to overcome this addiction. Maria Escobar has come to church twice now and is still looking good for her baptismal date on Oct 31st. Lauren Tijerina set her own baptismal date this week for Nov 28th. We are super excited to get her prepared for her baptismal date as well.
     We did service for the mayor of sunnyside this week at the Sunnyside night out and we met some black panthers! Im not too sure what they do now but it was pretty cool to meet some, ill attach some pictures.
     Yesterday i saw one of the most beautiful things ever. Abel Martinez (the recent convert who is missing a leg, in a wheel chair, and blind) blessed the sacrament. He recently got the preisthood last week and this past week we worked with him to memorize the sacrament prayers because he cant see. It was amazing to see the sacrifice he made to kneel on the one knee he has and bless the sacrament. Its amazing the faith he has.
     Its truly amazing to see how the gospel works in all of our lives. Its beautiful. Im so thankful to have this gospel in my life. It has changed me and is still shaping me into the woman i am supposed to be. I love yall!
-Hermana Tousley
Black Panthers!
A little girl in the branch Yocelin got baptized!
DSCN8839[1] DSCN8837[1]

Texas Houston South Mission