MY LAST TRANSFER…Sunnyside…Sister Training Leader…and TRAINING! 01/11/16

 As yall can see I am staying in Sunnyside, im still a sister training leader and im training a new missionary!!! This is my last transfer in the mission. Im ready to WORK! Im gonna make these last 6 weeks worth it.

    So many crazy fun things happened this week! Well ill start off with the fact that i survived a driveby….i always heard them but this time we got to see one. We were so scared haha. Earlier in the week me and Hermana Anderson were feeling really sick and so tired but we wanted to keep working. Well it got to the point where i couldnt open my eyes anymore so we had to stop driving and take a quick little 20 min nap. We were scared to just be in the middle of Sunnyside sleeping but we just had to sleep a little bit in order to keep working. Heavenly Father is just always protecting us in our little missionary bubble here. We are getting super desperate to find hispanics because we just want to teach, so on Saturday we drove through one of the neighborhoods looking at the houses and writing down which ones we thought were hispanics. I guess you gotta do what you gotta d to find the people prepared for the gospel. Also, Hermana Hall (my baby that i trained in H9) came on exchange in Sunnyside with me! It was so awesome to serve with her for a day and see how much she has grown as a missionary. Im so happy i got to see her again before i end my mission.
     On Sunday, Mike Bustos (who just got baptized last week) got the priesthood!!! He is doing so well and is preparing to take some family names to the temple to do baptisms. Also, Maria Escobar (who got baptized on Christmas) is preparing names to bring to the temple as well! I love seeing them at church, and seeing them progress in the gospel 🙂 I also gave a talk this Sunday and ill have yall know that, that is the first time i gave a talk without just reading most of it off the paper. Being a missionary and a sister training leader are really helping me to open up and have more confidence.
    Things are going so great and i love serving my Lord. I know He lives and this is the message i share. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
Les quiero!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley
Me and Hermana Hall in Sunnyside 🙂

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