Well biggest news this week is we picked up my baby! Her name is Hermana Hafoka! She is from St. George but she is Tongan 🙂 She is such a trooper because she is killing me ( which in mission terms means she is sending me home) and then right after me she is killing Hermana Anderson. So she is killing both her trainers and she is gonna have to take over the area when we leave. But she can totally do it. She already loves it here and is doing so good 🙂

     This week has been awesome! We have been working so hard. We found a less active, part member family The zapata family. They are so awesome!! We are hoping to keep teaching them and help them progress. Also we got to do some service for Maria Escobar and paint her house. It was so fun! Its been such a beautiful thing to see her grow as a new member and see her interact with the members. We also met this really awesome guy Sam Anderson. Of course he speaks English so we had to hand him over to the Elders but itsa pretty cool miracle that we found him. We were walking up to a door about to knock and i saw him sitting in front of his house all alone so we went over and introduced ourselves. He was so happy and so receptive. He told us a little bit about his life and i guess his daughter was murdered and he has recently had a stroke and lives all alone now. He said hes looking for God and wants guidance. Ive heard life stories like this before but this one really touched my heart and for a split second i could see that potential that Heavenly Father has for him. It was such an amazing experience and i cant wait to see what comes out of the Elders teaching him. We are finding lots of new people to teach and just working hard!
     Also my birthday was yesterday and some of the families in the branch threw me a surprise dinner with cake and everything. It was so sweet!! Definitely an unforgetable birthday. But the biggest gift was being about to be the Lords servant. This is such a big honor and i never want it to end but i know there are even bigger honors to come 🙂
Los quiero
con amor,
Hermana Tousley
Our baby!
Yes this is president Hall riding an Hermanas bike around during transfers lol
P.s. also MLK day was INSANE here because theres a street called MLK. There was so much craziness and gangs uniting for that day. Lets just say it wasnt a good day for us white girls to be out… lol

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