How is it already December?

Things are going great in Sunnyside! We are finding a lot of new people to teach and seeing more investigators progressing 🙂 Especially with the churches Christmas initiative “A Savior is Born” many people are opening up to the gospel. Its so amazing to see how Christ affects everyone around me.

     I just wanted to share two really awesome miracles with yall. They both happened on Friday. We were teaching a part member family, The Rivas family, about how Christ is the center of Christmas and what it means to us that he came. One of the boys Junior volunteered to say the closing prayer (which never happens) and said one of the most simplest, sweetest prayers i have ever heard. He said “Dear God, i am thankful that the Hermanas came to teach us about your son. And God i just want to live with Jesus one day and be happy. Thank you God for Jesus Amen.” A prayer has never touched my heart as much as this one did. It was straight from his heart and he just wants to live with Christ again. Children are just something special.
     Our other miracle was all perfect timing. We were going to go visit someone but then the spirit told us to go visit a referral we got. So we go and theres a lady (Blanca) outside drinking some liquor. We go up to her thinking oh its just another drunk person that is gonna reject us. But it turned out to be way different. She ended up telling us about some hard trials that she has been through and that she escapes from the pain with alcohol. We testified of Christ to her and how Christ can heal any scar with his Atonement. She was so happy and told us that she knows we came at that specific moment for a reason and that she wants to change her life and listen to our discussions. She called us her angels 🙂 I truly do know that Gods timing is perfect! When we are in tune with the spirit we can be the tools in his hands and see miracles.
     Im so thankful to be able to testify of my Savior Jesus Christ everyday. I am also so thankful for yall and your support. Les quiero!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley
What can i say? it was a had day….
also heres some more swingers!
i just have a weakness for cute chihuahuas

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