Im staying in Sunnyside!! and…Im a Sister Training Leader 11/30/15

So yes im still staying in Sunnyside 🙂 ill probably finish my mission here. I have this transfer and then just one more after that so it looks like i will stay here. Other big news is i have been called to be a Sister Training Leader! I really dont think im worthy enough for this calling but i know God will qualify me for it.

     Its only been like 4 days since ive written so theres really not much to say. A little update on my progressing investigators:
Lauren Tijerina: Getting baptized this coming up Sunday! she is all set to go 🙂
Edwin Benitez: Hes still working towards his baptismal date on Dec 12th. Hes doing really good!
Mike Bustos: Hes progressing so much! He also has a date for Dec 12th.
Maria Escobar: She also has a date for the 12th. Shes so excited for Baptism!
Wesley Campos: Hes still having some problems with the Book of Mormon, but we know he will turn around.
I loveseeing their lives changing. Its amazing! This Gospel brings so much joy its undescribable.
     Theres a new Christmas iniciative this year its called “A Savior is Born” if you go to you can watch the video. I want yall to really focus on your Savior and why him being born, and existing is so important to you. WIth that knowledge of how important he is to you, think about all the people out there who dont have this knowledge. Take action and share it with everyone around you. You may not know them but they are your brothers and sisters. We are all apart of Gods work of Salvation and he wants us to return together. So as his disciples share your testimony of Christ with EVERYONE!!
Love yall!!
Hermana Tousley

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