Happy Thanksgiving! 11/25/15

We went to the temple today so we had to change our pday to today also, thats why i didnt write on Monday. Last year i actually liked the holidays on the mission but this year i dont know they are a little bit harder. But i hope yall have an awesome thanksgiving! Just please dont tell me the awesome food your gonna be eating because last year all i had was the usual (rice, beans, and tortillas). We will see what its like this year.

     We have had such HUGE miracles this week! and maybe some more scary casting out devil stuff. So our investigator Maria Escobar was super close to baptism and then just started ignoring us. But for some reason Heavenly Father wanted us to keep trying to see her and keep knocking her door. Finally yesterday we went,not expecting her to open the door but she did! Turns out there were some bad spirits in her home that wouldnt leave her alone and they were threatening her that they would hurt her if she got baptized. So we called the Elders over and they cast the spirits out and now shes back! She still wants to be baptized! Thats just one of the miracles we had this week, there were so many more but i have no time to write, we gotta get teaching. Love yall!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley

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