Its finally cooling down!

It was an awesome week! Our investigators are progressing and really have the desires to be baptized. I dont have very much time to write but i just wanna update yall on the miracles i have seen this week. Wesley and Mike are so legit! They came to the broadcast conference that we had this Sunday and loved it! They also came to a baptism of a little boy in the branch. They told us how excited they are to get baptized. One of the Elders in the branch, Elder Smith was talking with Wesley after and getting to know him and must of mentioned being a missionary to Wesley because Wesley came up to us and said “Hermanas Elder Smith me dijo que despues de mi bautismo pudeo acompanarles a sus citas, yo quiero eso.” Which means Hermanas Elder Smith told me that after my baptism i can come teach with you guys, i really want that. We are so excited for him to progress. Mike is also so excited. We biked with Mike and Wesley to show them how to get to the church. They are willing to do anything for the Gospel its such a huge example to me. Also I really enjoyed getting to ride my bike again even though our district leader Elder Havea was freaking out because he was worried something would happen to us. He was acting like a Dad haha. But i wouldnt blame him it is super dangerous for us Hermanas to be on bike here but we were praying the whole way and we were fine except that Hermana Andersons tired popped and we had to walk some of the way but the Elders came and walked with our bike and gave us their car. We are really protected and taken care of here so no worries.

     We got to go to the temple with Abel this week! He was able to do some of my temple names because hes an orphan and doesnt know his parents names. But it was amazing to see him go and even though hes blind he knew the temple was beautiful and he felt its beauty and the wonderful spirit there. Even though there were lots of obstacles getting to the temple it was all worth it!
i hope yall had an amazing week! Love yall!
Hermana Tousley
this is a typical car in Sunnyside. SWINGERS
also this is Jocelyn, we made her a nametag and she wears it every Sunday 🙂
Abel at the temple! Also Luis’s baptism 🙂
SAM_9014[1] SAM_9015[1] DSCN9037[1]
This is wesley and mike and their friend Juan (not a very clear picture of them) and us in the Elders Van after we got our flat tire
DSCN9028[1] DSCN9036[1]

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