Life is great! Except that i have LICE….. 10/26/15

I got my new companion on Wednesday! Her name is Hermana Anderson. She is from Colorado and is just a little younger than me in the mission. We work really well together! We have lots of Companionship unity (especially after combing eachothers hair out for lice). Just after being together for  two days we find out we both have lice….Its actually a funny story because we were in the middle of spanish study and i got a prompting from the spirit to check my head for lice with the lice comb and sure enough there it was. It took 4 hours alone just to comb my hair out! There was no way i was gonna cut my hair like other hermanas do haha That day when we found the lice there was a huge rain storm because of the hurricane in Mexico so we know Heavenly Father was watching out for us because we were able to comb our hair out on a less productive day instead of wasting time on a sunny day when everyone is outside. Hopefully we got rid of all the lice!

    We are already having awesome miracles together. On Friday we met so many new investigators. It was like everyone was just coming to us. Hermana Anderson is really enjoying Sunnyside. She has never been in the city areas so this is really new to her. But we are working hard! Maria Escobar is still good for her baptismal date on November 7th. Shes a golden investigator. Lauren Tijerina is doing awesome too. She is so ready for baptism. Things look like they are really changing for this area. We are putting in all the effort that we can and Heavenly Father is blessing us so much!
     How are yall doing? What are you doing to share the gospel? I wanna hear from yall and know the things that i can pray for to make your lives easier 🙂
Love yall!!!
Hermana Tousley
Lice problems!
 DSCN8912[1] DSCN8917[1]DSCN8904[1]

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