Happy Belated Halloween!

So much happened this week i dont even know where to start. We had some pretty crazy things happen and some big miracles.

     I guess ill start off with the crazy things. Its kinda ironic that these things happened the week of Halloween. We found out that a devil church was started in Sugarland which is where my mission office is. They have permission to sacrifice animals and broadcast their services. There will probably be a lot more crazy things happening in Houston but we will stay strong and keep working. Also on Tuesday we had one of the most craziest lessons ever.I have never been so scared and felt so empty of the spirit in my life. We were teaching one of recent converts in the branch and he wasnt being responsive like he usually is. And out of nowhere he starts talking in scripture language and telling us that he is Christ and telling us a whole bunch of false doctrine stuff. It was so scary. We are pretty sure he got possessed by an evil spirit because he was talking in a different voice too. It was pretty crazy…i never want to feel that way again. Then on Halloween we wake up to a big flood and storm. Luckily the tornado didnt hit my area.But it hit an area in my zone. So halloween was a little boring just being inside for most of the time combing out lice lol…Which by the way im lice free! But my poor companion still has it.
     Okay now for the miracles and good stuff! So im not sure if yall remember my big miracle day last week with finding some new investigators. But two of those investigators Mike (the one i wrote about probably about a month ago that kissed the Book of Mormon when we gave it to him) and Wesley (the 18 year old that had questions about life and our purpose here) accepted baptismal dates and are progressing! They are so excited to learn and seem to really understand what they need to do to be baptized. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father is blessing us with the prepared people to teach. He really does prepare people!
     We had a Conference with Elder Lawrence E Corbridge from the 70. I learned so much of how to be a better missionary and do the Lords work the way he wants it done. I also learned that in order to have faith we need to first know that God exists, second understand who God is and his nature, and third believe and know the life that we are living is acceptable to God. When we can say and know these things we truly have faith. But the biggest thing he taught us is that The Atonement of Jesus Christ is sufficient for all. His grace is sufficient. He knows we are weak (Ether 12:27). We just need to take action and come unto him! HIs sacrifice is INFINITE and MORE than enough. I know this to be true and i love my Savior Jesus Christ. I hope that yall know this for yourself and if you dont please strive to. I know it will make a difference in your life and for your eternity.
Les Quiero!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley

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