Transfer calls are next week. Hopefully i get to stay here in Sunnyside

Transfer calls are next week. Hopefully i get to stay here in Sunnyside so that i get to see my investigators be baptized. This week we are having a mission temple trip! I cant wait to go to the house of the Lod and receive some more revelation.

     Ive been feeling a little down because im working so hard and doing all that i can for these people but  i feel like i get my investigators so close to baptism and then they slip through my hands. But im gonna keep my head up and keep helping them. Edwin is suppose to be baptized this saturdaybut its all depending on him and his choice to stop smoking. Please pray that he will have the strength to overcome this addiction. Maria Escobar has come to church twice now and is still looking good for her baptismal date on Oct 31st. Lauren Tijerina set her own baptismal date this week for Nov 28th. We are super excited to get her prepared for her baptismal date as well.
     We did service for the mayor of sunnyside this week at the Sunnyside night out and we met some black panthers! Im not too sure what they do now but it was pretty cool to meet some, ill attach some pictures.
     Yesterday i saw one of the most beautiful things ever. Abel Martinez (the recent convert who is missing a leg, in a wheel chair, and blind) blessed the sacrament. He recently got the preisthood last week and this past week we worked with him to memorize the sacrament prayers because he cant see. It was amazing to see the sacrifice he made to kneel on the one knee he has and bless the sacrament. Its amazing the faith he has.
     Its truly amazing to see how the gospel works in all of our lives. Its beautiful. Im so thankful to have this gospel in my life. It has changed me and is still shaping me into the woman i am supposed to be. I love yall!
-Hermana Tousley
Black Panthers!
A little girl in the branch Yocelin got baptized!
DSCN8839[1] DSCN8837[1]

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