Finally cooling down!

     Heres comes lots of rain and cool weather! Im super excited for it to cool down and to wear some sweaters 🙂

     Heavenly Father is blessing me and Hermana Goodey so much. We see countless miracles each day. It has made me truly appreciate everything around me. I wanna share a couple miracles with yall. We were teaching Abel Martinez this week and one of the people he invited to the noche latina we had a while ago wanted to sit in on the lesson. Luckily Abel knows English as well because his friend does not know Spanish. We taught him the Restoration. I have never ever seen anyone react the way he did to this message. He told us that the Great Apostasy answered all the questions he has. When we were sharing about Joseph Smith and the first vision he called his wife into the room and told her he found all truth. He was so excited! We gave him the Book of Mormon and he started reading it right away. Since he doesnt speak Spanish we had to hand him over to the English Elders. I cant wait to see his progress. When he gave the closing prayer he expressed gratitude for Abel and said that just because of that kind invitation to a hispanic party where he didnt know what was going on, that he found the truth. I know that as we all share the gospel with everyone around us that they will recognize the truth of our message and know that God has a plan for them.The other miracle is Edwin is back! We got to teach him this past week and he has completely changed from being in jail for a while. He told us hes done with his past and hes ready to move on. Instead of us asking him to be baptized he told us I want to be baptized and im gonna do everything i can to get there. He set his own baptismal date for October 10th!
     Womens session of General Conference was on Saturday. If yall havnt seen it please go watch it at . The things they talked about that really stuck out to me were that the family is the very heart of the work of salvation and that Eternity starts NOW! Our eternities have already begun, theres no waiting till tomorrow. If you wanna change and be better start NOW. Remember that General Conference is this weekend Saturday and Sunday! please watch it and prepare before you watch it with questions in mind. I love yall!
Hermana Tousley
Sister Carrie is our favorite member from the English Branch

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