RAIN…finally 8/17/15

After tons of praying for rain it poured! It cooled off a bunch because of the rain. Yesterday it got down to 68 degrees it was awesome. But the beginning of the week it was up in the 100’s…Houston is so bipolar.

    We had a zone conference with President Hall this week and i learned so much. Our main theme was Faith over Fear. We learned to fear no man.It really helped me to get out there and find people to teach and show them our message with love and do it from my heart. It made a huge difference in my testimony and in the way i taught. We were finally able to find a family because of the new techniques we learned. Their names are Cynthia, Salvador, Anahi, and Adrianna. We are super excited to start teaching them and help them to have the desire to be sealed as a family in the temple.
    A new cool family, the Hernandez family just moved into our branch from Oregon and we went to see them yesterday. The whole time all they talked about was how scared they were to live here and how many times they have been robbed and her husband has been jumped. They just got here and now they want to move. Me and my companion are like please dont leave we need families in our branch. But they have reasons. I got to take a picture with one of their chickens! (pics at the end).
    Jesus Cortes isnt progressing too much anymore so we may have to stop teaching him. Its so hard to stop teaching people that get so close to baptism but dont want to act or keep commitments… But atleast we know we planted a big seed in his heart and maybe he will be ready in the near future. Edwin is doing awesome we fasted with him yesterday to help him have the strength to resist temptation. He wasnt able to come to church yesterday though so we moved his baptismal date to the 29th of August because he has to come to church atleast 4 times.
    One thing that really stood out to me in my studies this week is James 1:22 which says “But be ye doers of the word,and not hearers only,deceiving your own selves.”  We all have heard of the saying that actions speak louder than words and thats true. If we believe in something we need to act on it. An example me and my companion came up with is: Theres this guy named Bill and he is an obese couch potato. Every day he wakes up and prays to lose weight but right after his prayer he orders pizza, sits on the couch, and watches tv. When you have faith you ACT. Faith without works is dead. We need to remember to pray with faith and be ready to get p and act on that answer we get. If not you are deceiving yourself. I now these things are true and i hope we can all remember to act on the things we believe. Love ya’ll!!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley
I got soaked! and heres the chicken!
image1 DSCN8346[1]DSCN8360[1]

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