It just keeps raining…. 8/24/15

It just keeps raining….but i love it! It makes it a lot less hot. But i can say ive finally gotten used to humidity!

     I got to go on exchange this week in an english, rich area. It was so different. I felt so lost! The people are different, the work is different and the area was definitely WAY different. I was with a new missionary. She has only been out for about 4 weeks so it was a bit of a struggle. During the lessons i kept switching into Spanish out of no where and forgetting words in English. But we got fed American food! On the exchange we taught a 98 year old lady named Elysse. Her husband was a patriarch and recently has passed away. She is very lonely and lives in a nursing home. She is blind and almost deaf. The first thing she said when we greeted her was “I want to pay my tithing can you bring me a tithing slip?” That truly humbled me. Theres this woman who is sick almost on her death bed and the first thing that she has to say is I want to pay my tithing. Thats someone who truly understands the ways of the Lord. It was an amazing example to me of a disciple of Christ.
     On Wednesday we found a less active named Yadira from Honduras. She has lived here for a year but said she could never find the church. She told us that the night before she was praying really hard for guidance and to have the church back in her life and then we show up the next day as an answer to her prayer. We found out that she works on Sundays and would not be able to come to church. So we told her we could fast with her On Sunday so that she can get Sundays off. So we started our fast after dinner on Saturday and we get a text that night that she doesnt work the next day until 1pm and that she could come to church! It was a huge miracle, and we didnt even get through half the fast yet. But we kept fasting so that she could get all Sundays off. I know that we can be an answer to others prayers as we are close to the spirit and as we strive to serve EVERYONE around us. Its amazing the miracles God has ready to place in our path as we are ready to act on his will.
     Sorry i didnt write much but i dont have much time to write today. Im taking a half pday so that i can go to the temple tomorrow. Love ya’ll!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Tousley
P.s. How did you share the Gospel this week?
Daleth and Dana Hernanadez, the LOVE the missionaries
DSCN8370[1] RSCN8367[1]

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