We got transfer calls yesterday and looks like im staying in Sunnyside and so is Hermana Goodey. We are gonna have another amazing transfer together. She is such a hard worker and keeps me going. Yesterday was Labor Day so we had to switch our pday to today. Lots of families were together for Labor Day so it was a good finding opportunity.

     Mostly this week we have been getting lots of referrals of people to teach and finding new investigators. Its been really awesome and i know Heavenly Father is leading us to those prepared people. We are gonna try really hard to change up this area and get a baptism this transfer. I know its possible and we are gonna try our hardest.
     Something that amazed me this week was the testimony of a recent convert. We got a call alst week from some Elders in the other Houston Mission, they told us their recent convert Abel Martinez had moved into our branch. So we went to go visit him and come to find out hes in a wheel chair, missing a leg, and blind, but yet so happy! He has the most positive outlook on life. He shared his testimony with us of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. Let me tell you, for only being a member for about 3 weeks his testimony was so strong! He had no doubt at all. He was telling us about a few of his friends who were telling him that Mormons are satanic and that it was all wrong, but that he said well if its satanic then its satanic (which its not) but i know its true and i cant deny it. What an amazing example he is to stay firm in your testimony even when your being criticized. It made me really look inside my self and make sure my testimony is firm enough. I know all our testimonies can be strong and that as we follow the commandments we get stronger and stronger to overcome the adversary. I love yall so much!! remember how much i love you and how much our Father in Heaven loves you 🙂 If you dont know of that love he has for you i encourage you to pray and ask if hes there and ask if he loves you. I promise he will testify it to you.
Con Amor,
Hermana Tousley
P.s. Some funny quotes from one of the members in the English branch Sister Kerry:
“We ridin’ with the Spirit over here”  “They be sayin’ we a clique, but we aint just any clique, We the Jesus clique.”
Us with the Cepeda kids, coloring 🙂

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