I cant wait till Summer is over…. 8/3/15

 So we had a little set back this week. My companion got lice from someone we are teaching. Luckily i dont have it but i had to comb it out of her hair for hours!!! Just hoping i dont get it, changlitos (which means fingers crossed)!

     It just keeps getting hotter and hotter and humider and humider. I just might die lol But im surviving. I got one more month left of Summer! But the heat doesnt cool down till like November…
    We had an awesome unexpected transfer last transfer and we were blessed so much but like its always been with being a missionary, after the good times there always comes the humbling times. But im willing to get through it and i have an awesome companion to get through it with me. We had a few other set backs with some investigators this week. Big surprise….Valeriano and Beatriz are not married and Valeriano no longer wants to be baptized. He thought he could receive legal papers if he got baptized in the church thats the only reason why he wanted to. So now he wants nothing to do with us and he hates that we are trying to help Beatriz live the law of Chastity. We also had to stop teaching The Ocampo Family. We got really close to them and it was hard to let them go. BUt they werent progressing. Sometimes we have to stop teaching people for them to realize that what we were teaching was true and they will want that spirit that they felt with us again. Im gonna miss them. Also Edwin was doing so well living the Word of WIsdom.We were so proud of him. But he relapsed last night. It was actually timed perfectly for us to see him.We were praying all day yesterday that Heavenly Father wold guide us to see the people he wanted us to see and the hour that he wanted us to. We asked him to guide our day. We had scheduled to see Edwin at 7 but the Spirit told us to see him at 8 instead.So we come up to his house at 8 and we see his Dad yelling from their house out to someone in the street, “Vente! Vente!” Which means come here. We didnt see what was going on but we still came up to the house. As we were walking up to the house we see Edwin come around the corner barely walking with no expression on his face. It was so sad to see him drugged up like that and not even conscience. But i know that Heavenly Father wanted us there at that time so that he could see us and so that his family knew that we were there to help him get over this addiction. We are going to teach him about the Atonement tonight and help him to understand that he cant get over this addiction alone. That he needs Jesus Christ and that hes never alone. We have lots of plans we have planned out to help him and we are hoping we can really get to his heart tonight. If you guys could please pray for him and pray for my area. That we can find those people that are prepared.
    Dont forget that you dont have to be a fulltime missionary to share the gospel. If anything more comes out of missionary work when the members are involved. Those who are prepared are the ones that are friends with members. I encourage you guys to share the gospel and have the missionaries teach your friends and family. I know you will see miracles and receive so many blessings and happiness. Love ya’ll!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley
    This is the Ocampo Family
These girls are so precious! They are the daughters of a less active.
DSCN8289[1] DSCN8293[1]
Yes those are pet geese! and some more beautiful Houston Sunset
DSCN8301[1] DSCN8307[1]

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