And the humbling begins… 8/10/15

Its been a super rough week. Me and my companion havnt felt too well and crazy things have been happening with our investigators. But we are still working hard and trying our best. Its getting really hot here. Its suppose to be 106 these next 3 days! Plus humidity, i think i might die. On top of that it hasnt rained for like almost 2 months. Thats not normal for Houston at all. So me and my companion have been praying for rain so it can cool off a little bit.

    Update on how the Atonement lesson went with Edwin: It went so well! Hes willing to take our help and do all he can to get over his addiction. The best part of the lesson was when he said “Im getting baptized on August 22nd!” he said it 3 times and was really pumped to prepare. He may have some other things he has to clear up but for now hes set on that day. Also an update on Jesus Cortes. He had his baptismal interview on Thursday and passed except for one thing. It was really surprising to us because when we asked him about it he said he was fine with that but we are gonna keep working with him. We found 2 more investigators named Edgar. Now we have Edwin, Edmundo, 3 Edgars, and Edward. We have all Eds! We also have 2 Jesus’s and they both have mullets lol Me and my companion have a joke that we are only gonna baptize Eds and Jesus’s with mullets in this area. We have also been wondering why we are teaching a bunch of single middle aged or younger guys. But then we realized its because this branch needs priesthood.Thats what Heavenly Father wants for this area so we are gonna follow through with it.
   On Sunday we walked up to a big surprise while getting in the car to go to church. Someone had smashed our window and tried to steal from our car.When we saw it me and Hermana Goodey looked at eachother and said “Sunnyside!”and laughed. The funny thing is there was nothing in the car but Books of Mormon and pamphlets for the lessons we teach. So i hope  they stole a Book of Mormon 🙂 But we got our window fixed today so everything is okay.
   I know that because we are in this humbling time and because we are working through it we are gonna see big miracles!
I love ya’ll so much!
con amor,
Hermana Tousley
smashed window and some texas sunset!
DSCN8317[1] DSCN8330[1]
Funny Teaching HIghlights: investigator puts cologne on in the middle of a lesson about chastity, old lady pouring a bottle of water on some cats who were getting a little too physical in her yard, Edwin called us knucklehead creeps.

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