1 year down, 6 months to go! 8/31/15

 I completed a year in the mission on Thursday. I cant believe it. It has gone by way too fast. I am just learning how to be a missionary and i only have 6 months left to apply it. But im gonna work really hard and do my best. Transfers are coming up. We get our calls next monday. Im hoping i can stay here and with the same companion but we will see.

     Its finally cooling down a bit. I cant wait till fall comes. Its beautiful in the fall here. Its been raining a bunch too which has been really nice.
     Its been a little frustrating because this area is a really hard area. There hasnt been a baptism here for almost a year and a half. Its really hard to find people to teach and most people dont meet with us for the right reasons. But im trying really hard and im doing all i can do. My companion Hermana Goodey works really hard too. She keeps me going. Our progressing investigator Edwin who was so close to baptism disappeared. We arent sure where he is and his family doesnt know either. Please pray that we can get in contact with him.
     I was able to go to the temple on Tuesday. Each time i go i understand more and more the plan that God has for me and for all of you. Everything was getting in the way of us going. But we finally got to go. Im so thankful for such beautiful covenants that we make in the temple. One thing i was thinking about this week is the law of tithing. I know its important and ive always paid it because its a law of God. But i was thinking more about where that money goes. Tithing goes to the edification of the church. We have temples because of tithing. If it werent for tithing there would be no temples. I am able to serve a mission because of tithing. I know its a true and eternal law and if you dont know that for yourself, please test it. I promise you that even if you pay it once this coming up month you will see the blessing of Heaven poured out upon you (Malachi 3:8-10).
I love ya’ll tons!
Hermana Tousley
My companion is so sweet, i came out of the shower to this on my year mark.
 DSCN8374[1] DSCN8372[1]
Thelma decided she doesnt want to take the lessons anymore…but she wanted to take a selfie with us before we left lol

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