I Believe in MIRACLES! 07/13/15

     Me and my companion were talking about how we do missionary work and contact people, and memorize their addresses, and get in their business and we were like we are professionally trained stalkers! Not really but just funny to think about. This week was a week full of so many miracles. I feel like im unworthy to receive all the miracles ive seen this week.

     I first want to start off by saying I HAD LASAGNA! Theres a couple in my branch who are both return missionaries. They are super cute and nice. They invited us over for dinner (which is a huge miracle in the area) and they made us lasagna. I never felt so much at home here. They actually remind me a lot of my Sister Christina and my brother in law Cody. Their daughter even looks a little like Zoraya. Best dinner ever!
     We went from having 1 baptismal date to 5 this week! All 5 of those dates are progressing ( which like never happens) So we have Jesus Cortes who still has his baptismal date for the 25th of July. But we know hes ready to be baptized this saturday the 18th. He is all ready to go but is just struggling with receiving a testimony of The Book of Mormon. We are having a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) with him tonight with some of the families in the branch and we are planning on having them all share their testimonies. We are hoping he gets his answer from this and can be baptized this Saturday. We also have Maria and her daughter Viviana. They are actually one of our huge miracles. They were a referral from one of their neighbors. When we got to their door we see a huge virgin Mary statue and red lights all around it and we got a little discouraged. But we knocked on the door and she let us in! (she also had a huge picture of virgin mary inside with red lights around it as well) Se explained to us that she was Catholic(like we didnt already know) But we taught her the Restoration and she and her daughter accepted a baptismal date for the 29th of August! We are also working with an 11 year old girl named Ismandra Briones who has a date for the 8th of August. We are trying to work with her family as well so they can all support eachother in coming to church. We are also teaching Xavier Hernandez who is a boyfriend of a less active who just had her first baby. He is our age and is super interested. He said having a baby girl has really softened his heart to taking the lessons. Him and Marysol (his girlfriend) gave us a bunch of groceries yesterday to thank us for all we do for them. It was so sweet and such a big miracle because its exactly what we needed. We are also still teaching Thelma who isnt too fond of the Book of Mormon and just likes to try and bible bash. But this week we taught her about family history and baptisms for the dead. She was so interested and didnt try and fight with us this time! At the end of the lesson she said “Puedo ser bautizado por mi mama?” which means i can be baptized for my mom? we know that this lesson touched her heart and opened her up more to this gospel. The last big miracle we had this week was so unexpected. We got a referral form the office and decided to go visit them on Saturday. So we go and this lady( Beatriz) opens the door and yells “Hermanas! Pasen!” Which means Sisters come in! We were both like what how does this woman know we are missionaries. So she sits us down and tells us shes a member and has just moved here form Mexico with her husband (Valeriano)  who was taking the lessons in Mexico about a month ago. As shes telling us about it he walks in and asks us to teach him! He now has a baptismal date for the 26th of July! Such huge miracles happening here in Sunnyside. Me and Hermana Goodey are keeping the faith and constantly praying for miracles and being exactly obedient. I know thats why all these miracles are happening.
     I wanna to close by sharing something with ya’ll about what i studied this morning in the bible. I was reading in Ephesians chapter 4. I really liked verses 22-25. I know a lot of us look back on the things we have done in our past and let them eat us up and dwell on them. But theres no need to focus on that. Focus on who you are now and what you can do now to change and be someone even better. Thats what is so beautiful about the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can become new. We can be transformed into something new each day. I encourage you guys to really strive to be better everyday. I promise you that you WILL see a difference and you WILL be happy. I love ya’ll so much!!
Hermana Tousley
heres a picture of my zone (hispanic style) except for a few of us. and a picture of me on exchange with Sister Sanchez (people think we look like sisters) and the elders there too.

DSCN8195[1] DSCN8196[1]


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