Well im not getting transferred, Im staying in Sunnyside! Neither is my companion. We get to stay another transfer together! Shes an awesome companion and such a hard worker. We are getting so much done in this area. Lots of miracles and good things are happening. Im definitely seeing the Lords hand in this work.
     Valeriano was not baptized because he didn’t feel ready. We are hoping he can be baptized this weekend. We finally got in contact with Jesus Cortes. It was actually unexpected. We were walking by his house and he was outside doing yard work. We were happy to see him again. He is actually sick from working in the refineries so that’s why he wasn’t working. We had an awesome Atonement lesson with him and he said he wants to have his baptismal interview to see if hes ready! So we are pretty stoked about that. We reset his baptismal date for August 8th. Update on Ismandra, she came t church again! She is progressing and excited to be baptized we are just still praying that her parents give her permission to be baptized. We also have been working with Edwin Benitez who just recently was released from jail. He has come to church twice now and is praying to know if he should be baptized on August 22nd. He is having some trouble with the Word of Wisdom but he received a priesthood blessing at church yesterday. The blessing was so beautiful. In the blessing it was said that God needs him in Christs church and that he would receive the priesthood. That really pumped Edwin up and now hes doing all he can to defeat these addictions. We also got to know one of the neighbors of one of the members in our branch. His name is Edmundo. He is super interested and accepted a baptismal date for August 29th. Last Sunday we were at a gas station and saw a guy that looked pretty similar to our investigator Jesus Cortes. So we joked about it and said hey its another Jesus with a mullet. So we talk to him and come to find out his name is Jesus! We also talked to his son Edward. We went by later this week to come visit them and they loved the message we shared. They have so many inspired questions. I truly know that these people are prepared. Heavenly Father truly is putting prepared people in our path as we are obedient and as we truly love everyone around us. I know that this area is where Heavenly Father wants me. Even though sometimes I really miss Houston 9 I know I have a work to do here in Sunnyside. Im not gonna give up till get that that work done.
     I was studying about the Sabbath Day yesterday and read Ezekial 20:12. Here it says that the amount of effort we put into keeping the Sabbath Day holy shows God how much we want him in our lives, and how much we need his blessings. Its a sign to him of how much we love him. I encourage all of you to look over the things you usually do on Sunday and see if there is something you could do more to make it Gods day. I know that as you do that he will bless you. He has so many blessing in store for every single one of us. Hes just waiting to see that effort be put forth to receive it. I love ya’ll so much!!! Im always praying for you. If theres anything I can pray for in specific PLEASE let me know. And don’t forget to let me know how you shared the gospel this week 🙂
Con mucho amor.
Hermana Tousley
Yes this cat eats tortillas for breakfast
Beautiful Texas skies and this is Jesus Cortes. He didn’t want to be seen on camera….but we tried.

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