Oh yes….Im definitely in Sunnyside.

 I love this area! Theres not one day that goes by that something crazy or memorable doesnt happen. Lots of things happened this week and i feel like its all jumbled up but im just gonna lay it all out.

     First of all, for all the service we did for the flood Mayor Parker has named June 24th “Mormon Helping Hands Day” heres the video of it happening if you guys would like to
     We had a goodbye zone conference with President Ashton and his wife. It was such an awesome zone conference and i learned so much from them. When it came to us saying goodbye it was just a big cry fest. When i said goodbye to Sister Ashton she told me that because i am patient and very receptive to the spirit that Heavenly Father has huge plans for me and that i need to be prepared for them. They are definitely going to be missed. But i know that President Hall is going to lead and guide this mission now and that he has the keys to do so. Its gonna be a big transition and probably some big changes are coming but i know that its want Heavenly Father wants for this mission. We get to meet President Hall and his family on Wednesday!
     We had a mini Missionary with is from the stake this week. Her name is Jennifer Luna. She was so fun to have and taught me lots more spanish. She now wants to serve a mission because of this experience. She is such a huge example to me of faith and being a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ. Thats one thing i love about the mission is that you make lifetime friendships here. When we took her back to the stake center yesterday they had a big testimony meeting with all the youth from the stake that went. It was such a spirit filled meeting. These youth were just blown away by missionary work and how hard it is. All of them want to serve now. I feel like it would be such a huge benefit if more stakes did these kinds of things to prepare their youth for missions and get hands on learning.
     Our investigator Thelma came to church! She is from Nicaragua. She is very hard headed and does not want to believe that the Book of Mormon is true of that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She thinks all churches are pretty much dumb and only believes in the bible. But we invited her to come to church and she loved it. We are hoping her beliefs have changed a little bit more and that she will open her heart to the true gospel. Unfortunately our investigator Jesus did not come to church. He just started a job at a refinery and injured his leg. So his baptismal date fell. But we know he still had desires and that he will be baptized very soon. He just needs to come to church 2 more times. Prayers for him please! We have a lot more investigators and potentials that we are working with but those are the ones that are progressing the most.
     Now on to the crazy stuff that happened….First of all me and my companion almost got ran over on Wednesday. We were walking to an appointment and this lady that was on drugs comes out of no where driving really fast and hitting everything around her with the car. She was coming straight for us. She was coming so fast i didnt think we were gonna be able to run away fast enough. She barely missed us. Everyone in the neighborhood was telling us ya’ll better leave before she comes back shes on crack. The funny part was as we were running to the car a guy said ” Dont listen to them they all crack heads!” It put some humor into a really scary situation. When we got home we said a prayer for that women that she was safe and that no one had gotten hurt. We also prayed that she would find the gospel to get over her addiction to drugs. Second crazy but really funny thing that happened, happened on Saturday. On saturdays we take a half hour to study and prepare to take the sacrament the next day and think of things we want to sacrifice. So as we are doing that ( by the way our mini missionary was with us and it was about 9pm) we get a knock on our door. No body ever comes to our apartment except for people from the mission office so we were a little scared. But we looked through the peep hole and it was the security guard for our apt complex so my companion opens the door and asks whats wrong and he introduces himself and said i like you. So my companion says sorry we are missionaries and we pretty much live like nuns so we cant date and he says oh okay well just letting ya;ll know im here. It was so funny! I would totally expect that to happen from like a neighbor or something but it was the security guard. Our mini missionary was laughing so hard. We get lots of people who come up to us and say things like that so as soon as he said i just want to let you know…i knew it was coming. Those were just the biggest highlights but lots more happened. Theres not one boring day that goes by in this area.
     Ive been been learning so much about who i am on my mission. What my true identity is. Heavenly Father has shown me my real identity and that i really am a daughter of God. He has such big plans for each and every one of us. No matter what happens in life it is helping us to become the person he wants to be. But we have a choice. We can choose how we want our life to be by the way we live it. Like Sister Ashton always says ” Dont let life happen to you, Choose your life” I encourage all of you to remember the gift of agency that we have and to remember that God has given us resources to get through these hard things in life. We all can be happy in our life here if we truly put the effort in and do as Heavenly Father has asked. I love ya’ll so much!! Ill keep you in my prayers 🙂
Hermana Tousley ( or as my ward mission leader says Hermana Tussely)
Us and our mini missionary

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