Another awesome week!

Happy Belated 4th of July! It was a little crazy here but i got to see many things i never thought id see in my lifetime. I guess thats what happens when your serving in Sunnyside. We had to be really careful because there was lots of gun shots going around and lots of drunks of course. Highlights of 4th of July: Guy peeing in front of our car, crazy people and gun shots, got vodka spilt on me, and last we went to go see a potential that we had talked to while he was drunk. His daughter answered the door and said ” hes sleeping” and then he came to the door and asked us how we were doing. Then his wife came to the door and asked what we wanted. We told her that we had talked to her husband named Gregorio a few weeks ago and wanted to come by and share a message. She gave us the craziest death stare and said “El no vive aqui, no conozco un Gregorio” Which means he doesnt live here, i dont know a Gregorio. Her daughter was standing right next to her and was giving her a look like mom dad is right there haha Man i love when people try to lie and the kids are so honest it blows their lie.

     But anyways, we met our new mission President today. His name is President Hall. His family is so adorable and they are awesome!! Him and his wife both went to The University of Weber! They are from Ogden, Utah and he served his mission in Chile!!! I cant wait to get to know them more. We have our interviews with him this week so im really looking forward to that.
     We did service this week at a ranch. We pulled some weeds and fed the farm animals. It was awesome! The ranch is a charity for cancer patients.
     Overall it was a really awesome week. I dont have much time to write this week but i wanted to let ya’ll know that i love you! Please tell me your experiences with sharing the gospel! I want to hear about it. Im gonna ask you every week what your doing to share the gospel. Have a great week!
Con Mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley
Yes thats Guadalupe and Roosters! on a truck
heres some pics from the ranch
DSCN8183[1] DSCN8189[1]
a pig from the ranch…..and yes thats a car with gas tanks duct taped to the headlights.
DSCN8186[1] DSCN8191[1]
This is my ward mission leader hermano Caro. He has to wear two pairs of glasses to read lol

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