This week was just so eventful i dont really know where to start. I guess i should start off by telling ya’ll where i am now. My are is called South Houston North. I am in the Pearland zone and in the Friendswood stake. A nickname for my area is sunnyside. Sunnyside is the 6th most dangerous neighborhood in the U.S. So we have to be really careful. But we are a car area! This area is like 75% African American 24% Hispanic and probably 1% white because i still havnt seen a white person here. The whole are is either really old houses or shacks. My old area wa sjust tons of apartments so its way different for me. I was really not expecting to come here now but ive always known i would serve some time in this area. It was really hard for me to leave Houston 9 because I had been there for so long. It felt as if i was leaving home again. I didnt get to say goodbye to anyone because we evacuated for the hurricane right after i found out i was being transferred. It was really frustrating and sad for me. Those people are like my family and i didnt get to say bye. But hopefully i can see them again. A lot of them said they might come visit me here on pdays so hopefully they can.

My companions name is Hermana Goodey. She is from Oregon and is SUPER shy and quiet. But we get along pretty well and we are working hard. We have 2 investigators who have baptismal dates. The requirements for baptism are different in this area than my old area. Investigators have to come to church 4 times instead of two so we have to extend dates a little far out. But Jesus Cortez has a date for the 11th of July. Luis Torres has a date for the 25th of July. He is from the Dominican Republic and loves to talk! Our lessons take forever with him but hes awesome.
     I dont get to do as much service with the natural disasters in this area because we are too far away. I really miss doing the service. Oh and by the way the hurricane wasnt as big a s we thought and only Galveston got destroyed so we got pretty lucky. Galveston is part of our mission though but i havnt heard anything about whats going on there.
     But we got to do service for the mayor here in Sunnyside for Juneteenth. Juneteenth is a day that the African Americans celebrate here for their freedom from slavery on June 19th. Its a big deal because the slaves were freed 6 months before that but Houston didnt find out till 6 months later because the owners didnt want to give them up. It was pretty cool to hear the speakers and stuff. We helped hand out food and great the people.
     I forgot to mention that im in a Spanish branch now instead of a ward. I thought the houston 9 ward was tiny until i got here. There are literally only 10 active families in this branch. The chapel was like almost empty at church. I got a lot of work to do here and im ready to do it!
     As i was taking the sacrament yesterday i was thinking if how when we take the sacrament we are being baptized all over again. I got such an overwhelming peace feeling as i was thinking of how spotless clean i was as i took that sacrament and that i never wanted to sin again. But we all sin and of course i made a mistake right after that and right after i made that mistake i just couldnt wait till next Sunday to take the sacrament again. We are so blessed to be able to be completely clean every week and be forgiven. I never knew the real importance of the sacrament as i was growing up but now its the biggest highlight of every week. I love the knowledge that i have of this gospel and the the knowledge of my Savior and the way he has prepared for me to journey back to my Heavenly Father. We are so blessed!
I hope ya’ll have a nice week and take the time to remember Your Savior Jesus Christ this week. Love you!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley
p.s. My new address is 3560 Dixie Dr. #320 Houston, Tx 77021  i can receive letters and packages here 🙂 if you send a package please send it here because i am not close by to the mission office.
This is me and my new district with Mayor Heinz



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