Yes i know i am emailing on a Thursday but its been really crazy here in Houston and i havnt been able to have a pday. Actually im not having a pday this week they just wanted to make sure we got to email home. I know that everything that happened this week happened because all the stakes in our mission fasted for missionary work. All this service is going to get our name out there and bring people more unto Christ through our service.

     Monday was memorial day so none of the libraries were open to email. All day Monday we were serving to clean up after the Tornado that hit in my area. We were translating and helping the people who got their apartments destroyed. The Mayor and one of the Congressmen came and had us get like 30 missionaries from our mission to help. We were in the Houston Chronicle. It was so sad to see the people without homes or food especially the kids. Ive never felt so much love for people.
     Tuesday we were suppose to go to the temple as a mission….but of course that didnt work out because we got flooded in. My area is one of the lowest places in the mission so we got it really bad! My whole apartment got flooded and everything got ruined. Its actually a little funny how it all started. It was just a normal rainy night in Houston we didnt think anything of it, and we always get flash flood warnings so it wasnt a big deal. We had two other hermanas from other far areas in the mission sleeping over at our house to drive to the temple with us the next morning. My companion slept on the floor since we only have 3 beds. She wakes up at like 2 in the morning in a lake of water in our apartment! poor girl. It was so crazy and we are still cleaning it up. Im not sure if they are gonna move us apartments or what. SO many people were affected by the flood in Houston. the Mayor was so impressed from our service with the Tornado that she called my Zone leader and had him set up for us to come to downtown Houston and meet with the Director of Housing and Community Development of Houston to find the most damaged areas and serve those people to help reconstruct their houses. We did that today and we are gonna do it again tomorrow.
     I am so exhausted! I seriously have not gotten any sleep. But yet im so happy because i know these people that we are serving are truly feeling Christs love for them. Its been a really hard week and a tester of my faith but i am so thankful for it. President Ashton told us that this is all happening so we can truly be representatives of Jesus Christ and gain the trust of the city of Houston.
     I have like no time to email because i have to be quick but just wanted to let you guys know im okay and that i love ya’ll!!!
Hermana Tousley
this is our flooded apt. i couldnt get any pictures of tornado stuff though.
DSCN8036[1] DSCN8039[1] DSCN8040[1]

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