Yes I want to start off by saying we had pasta!! A member in the Elders area in our ward signed up to feed us by accident. But she fed us anyway and she fed us one of the best dinners I have ever had in my life! We had chicken garlic pasta, garlic bread, salad, brussel sprouts, cooked carrots, and lemonade! When Hermana Vanegas brought the food to the table me and Hermana Hall looked at eachother with our mouths dropped open we couldn’t believe it! No joke tears almost starting coming from my eyes. Such a huge blessing especially with all our stomach problems that we have been having.
     Me and Hermana Hall have been working so hard! We are the sickest we have ever been but we keep working and we are being so blessed for it. Heavenly Father makes it so that I feel okay as I teach. Although the pain comes back right after the lesson I know he is still qualifying me to do his work.
     We have been struggling to find people who actually have desires to change their lives and follow Christ. Its been hard and sometimes discouraging but I believe that at this time in our area it is a time to plant seeds. Theres a time to harvest but theres also a time to plant seeds.
     We are planning on taking Connie and Fito to the temple on Friday to do baptisms for their family for the first time. I cant wait to see them do those ordinances for their family. I thought the biggest joy was seeing my converts be baptized but seeing them to family history and help their ancestors be baptized has been an even bigger joy. We are also going to the temple with our ward mission leader Jose tomorrow to get his endowments! so exciting all the miracles happening around me.
     I love this work so much! Yes im changing others lives, but really this work is changing me. I am so grateful to be on my mission and to serve this people. This time goes by so fast. I have been out for 8 months today. Ive never felt so full of joy and love in my whole life. I know this is Gods work. I know that the message I share everyday is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you guys!!! Have a great week 🙂

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