I have never seen rain like this EVER! Its literally like buckets being poured out on us. Literally all the streets get flooded really bad and no one can drive…let alone bike. I was talking to other missionaries and they said this is completely normal here. So not looking forward to that…
     During the big rainstorm we had this week me and Hermana Hall were in the car and got stuck in a huge flood. Everyone around us was stuck and couldn’t move. Men were pushing their cars out of it with the water past their waste. Me and Hermana Hall made it out with no damage to the car and safe. We know we were being watched over and Heavenly Father was helping us to get home on time.
     I feel like honestly the biggest thing that happened this week was the rain. We had a mini mission this week with the young women. It was pretty cool and it was nice to hear their testimonies and to get them to consider going on missions. I feel like its really rare for the youth here to get out on missions let alone be active in church. We are trying really hard to get them involved an take them out to teach with us more so that they can gain more of a testimony of the gospel.
     We had a family history class this week and I was able to learn how to do it! Finally I know how. Let me tell ya’ll it is way easier than oyu think, you just gotta try. There is so many opportunities and so many ancestors waiting for you to do it. Help them out! We have a big work to do for them but they need all their ancestors to be involved. I promise you that Heavenly Father is going to help you find those names.
     So I didn’t write much but I love ya’ll lots!!! Please keep in touch and let me know of anything I can pray and fast for.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley

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