This was the hardest week of my whole mission.

This was the hardest week of my whole mission. Me and Hermana Hall worked so hard, the hardest we have ever worked, but saw little success. Ive never really cried on my mission but this week was definitely a cry week. All i wanted to do was give up but i knew i couldnt because this time on my mission isnt for me, its for the salvation of all the people around me. The weather made it so hard to bike this week. It was pouring rain and SO windy. No matter how much i put my gears down my legs were killing me. But we kept going and we kept trying everyones doors even though no body was answering. I know that because we kept going and kept trying that Heavenly Father blessed us with some really big blessings at the end of the week!

    Before i get to the miracles i gotta tell you guys this week was such a hard week on bikes. Especially on Thursday. We get a call early in the morning from Hermana Mendez(she has tongue cancer and is not doing very well) she needed help cleaning her house because she is going to do radiation and needs everything clean. Of course we said yes and get ready to go and then realized crap she lives in our district leaders area which is probably a 10 mile bike ride. That bike ride was so brutal because of the wind and the mud puddles everywhere. Ive never been so sore in my knees. But getting there and being able to help her made it all worth it. Out here on my mission i dont know what it is but i crave to do service for others. It makes me so happy and really helps me to build those attributes of Christ. That was probably the hardest day on the bike because that was just the start of our day we still had the rest of the day to go in that weather.
     Our stake had a big combined relief society activity. Because our stake has three different languages they needed translators so that the Spanish and Burmese sisters could understand what was going on. They decided to pick on me to translate for the Spanish Hermanas. I was so nervous that i didnt know enough spanish to do it. But when it came down to it i was able to do it. I know i am blessed with the gift of tongues. Theres no way i would be learning this language so fast without it.
     MIRACLES! Leticia went to the temple! She was baptized for her mom, and two grandmothers. She said she felt such a huge peace that she had never felt before and that she wanst to feel that peace forever. I was so happy to be there for her and to see her do that for her ancestors. I truly felt their presence there. Also Carlos(recent convert) and Maria(his wife) are gonna go to the temple to do baptisms by the end of this month! Although i feel like i didnt have much success this week i feel like this right here is my success. Getting people to the house of the Lord.
     Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling in all of our lives. That is the point when buckets of blessings are on the way. Stick it through and keep going. We go through these trials so that we can succor others. Count your blessings! dont forget that trials are blessings also. I love ya’ll soooo much!!!
Hermana Tousley
Leticia at the temple!DSCN1213[1] DSCN1215[1]

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