I just want to start off by saying Happy Easter! I received a bunch of videos from my mom of ya’ll saying Happy Easter. It really made my day to see those and to hear your voices. Easter was awesome here, i was doing the same thing i do everyday. Preaching the Gospel! Best Easter ever, and on top of that i got to watch General Conference.

     It was a pretty hard week and things didnt go as planned, but things never go as planned while your on a mission. We had planned to go to the temple with Leticia on Thursday but our ride bailed out on us an hour before we were gonna go. Leticia was pretty mad but we softened her heart and stayed really close to her these past few days so that Satan didnt get to her. We are going to the temple tomorrow with her. Now she not only is bringing her moms name to do her baptism, but we helped her to find both her grandmothers names too! So in some way that was a blessing that we are going tomorrow instead of last week. We also had a church tour with Erica and Kazandra. Erca was saying i feel like im in Gods home. It was so awesome and the spirit was so strong. We taught her about the Sabbath day and invited her to attend church( for the 4th time) She said i dont know i dont think im ready. After all that she said shes not ready…but i know that as we keep trying she will realize that shes ready.
     We found a really awesome investigator names Roberto Vasquez. He accepted a baptismal date for april 25th! He told us he was taking the lessons about a month ago when he lived in El Salvador. Hes so ready for the gospel and ready to change. His wife is also a member but she doesnt live with him so we mostly have to teach him outside because we cant go in without another women. But Leticia said she can start coming out to teach him with us! Big miracles coming this month.
     Ever since Hermana Carling left its been pretty hard to find people who have potential to teach because she was like our bodyguard. Because we are American everyone just wants to talk to us so they can marry us. Its been really frustrating this week. Usually we just laugh about it, but we are really trying to find people to teach and all we are getting is creeps. Please pray that we can find elect people to teach.
     One of our less active members Eleazar is moving this week and wanted to sing us a song before he left. I have a video of it but the computer wont let me send it. The song is pretty much a prayer to God. He said he made up the song in the laundromat. Its a pretty funny video. Ya’ll are gonna love it when you see it.
     We had interviews with President Ashton this week and it went really well. We had to teach him about the Atonement individually. He told me that he can tell that i am really getting to understand the Atonement more and that my spanish is getting really good. Teaching the Atonement is my favorite to teach. It makes me emotional everytime, and as ya’ll know im not really an emotional person. I hope to know more and more of the Atonement as i teach it. I hope ya’ll understand the true importance of it. I want to testify that i know Jesus Christ lives. I know he loves each and every one of us. Because of his great, eternal, ad infinite sacrifice he knows each and every one of us individually and personally in every way. He knows how to succor us perfectly. HE is our Savor our Redeemer. He is our only way back to Heavenly Father. Without him we are nothing. There is no way we could ever qualify ourselves to enter the Kingdom of God with our his everlasting mercy. As sinners and humans all we deserve is justice but through our loving Brother Jesus Christ we have mercy and we can be clean. I know that he is constantly there with his arm of mercy constantly extending to each and everyone of us. Dont ignore it, dont feel that you cant reach it. If we arent using his Atonement then we are denying him completely. I encourage you to seek for him and find him. Come unto him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. I promise you he is there and you will be healed. I love ya’ll so much and i hope everything is going well. Please take care and have a wonderful week!
Hermana Tousley
P.s. if you havnt watched General Conference PLEASE watch it!
My CCM Hermanitas (we were at zone meeting)DSCN1194[1]

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