Familia y amigos,
     Well its just me and Hermana Hall now, we didn’t get another companion. Its way too good to be true. Even President Ashton said it. After transfer meeting he said I don’t know how long this is gonna last with you and Hermana Hall. Meaning enjoy it while it lasts. We have been working so well together and getting so much done. We have a goal to baptize two people in my area in the month of April. We are gonna work really hard to hit that goal.
     BIG NEWS! Leticia is going to the temple!!!! Those of you who don’t know who she is or don’t remember she is my recent convert who got baptized in December. The really legit one that we only taught within a week. She is going this Thursday. I am so excited to see her enter the temple and do baptisms for her family members. She has felt such an amazing spirit while doing her family history. I cant wait to see her feel the peace and happiness of the temple.
     OTHER BIG NEWS! Erica said she knows its all true. She has been reading the Book of Mormon a ton but she hasn’t really been praying. So we had her pray to ask if it is true and if the things we are teaching her are true. She told us she wasn’t really sure what the feeling she got meant but that it was such a peaceful warm feeling in her heart. We told her that’s the Holy Ghost and she said oh yeah I remember you guys talking about that he testifies of the truth. I love to see people recognize the spirit and to see them change so much just from reading the Book of Mormon and praying. I know she is ready for baptism but she doesn’t know it yet. We have asked her 3 times and she has accepted baptism but will not accept a specific date because she doesnt want to commit. We are going to extend a baptismal date to her daughter Kazandra today, who has also been progressing so much and reading. Hopefully her daughters example will get her going and show that shes ready. If you guys could just pray that Erica and Kazandra will progress even more and be baptized in April. I know they are ready for April and so does Heavenly Father.
     I got to watch The General Womens Conference in ENGLISH because our stake is trilingual and they had headphones for the people who speak Spanish and the ones who speak Burmese ! It was so nice to hear gospel things in English. Im not sure if ya’ll had a chance to watch it but it was so good. I learned so much from it. But before I tell you about what I learned I gotta just tell you a little bit about Hermana Hall and what happened there that night. Hermana Hall is ALWAYS hungry. That little thin thing eats so much. We knew we weren’t going to be able to stay awake at the conference sitting in chairs for that long especially after the super long day we had. So Hermana Hall brought our big container of peanuts in her backpack to snack on. It was the funniest thing when Hermana Hall was trying to be so sneaky and open the container in her backpack without anyone knowing. As soon as she opened it all eyes were on us because everyone smelt the peanuts. It was so funny. But hey missionaries gotta do what they gotta do to stay awake during meetings. The conference was all centered on Family. Here are some quotes that really touched my heart. “We are belong to and are needed in the family of God.” -Carole M. Stephens “Theres no my way or the highway, its our way!”
“The home is a basis of a righteous life” -President Thomas S. Monson “You can and must be an important part of being comfort to those around you.” -President Henry B. Eyring. That’s just a little touch of the conference ya’ll should go watch the talks if they are up yet. I know they will help your families immensely.
     Sunday in ward council was quite an interesting day…..We were a little late to the meeting because we were trying to find a ride home for a recent convert.  When we walked in, they were are arguing about something called “Mormon Night” (it is like a BBQ where everyone comes and brings investigators and everyone has to talk to a certain number of people which is a real challenge for our ward.  It sounds like a great idea to me!)  First they are arguing about whether or not they are going to have one soon.  Next they start arguing about whether or not they are going to change the name of ‘Mormon Night” to “Family Night” (direct translation I’m not sure what else to call it in English.)  So they argue about this for a good five minutes all the while the Bishop keeps telling them it doesn’t matter what the name is they just need to have the activity.  Then Hermana Miranda (the Y.W. president) pipes up in the middle of the discussion and says: “Bishop we didn’t make enough money with our camp fundraiser we want to have a garage sell.  The members need to bring stuff for the sale”.  Then back to “Family Night.”  Then another argument starts about whether or not they are going to pass the sacrament in the foyer.  They stopped doing this a while back because the whole ward we stand in the foyer instead of coming into the chapel.  Everybody is putting their 2 cents in plus some.  They Hermana Martinez (R.S. counselor) hops up and is taking over the meeting.  Talking about why people can’t get to church on time and how annoying it is.  Then she stood up and role played what it looks like when you come in late which results in her throwing her notebook around. At this point we are holding in our laughs and barley holding it together.  Then right in the middle of the conversation Hermana Miranda brings up the topic of everyone cleaning the church this week.  Then everyone starts talking about how everyone is always so late when they  clean the church that the few people who came on time already cleaned it.  The time was decided for 6 on Friday.  Then Hermana Miranda says oh well I will be here at 7 because I’m Hispanic It is my culture.  By this point we cannot keep it together and all of us missionaries are dying laughing!  Oh man!  Now, we are back to talking about getting to church on time and one Hermano says well if you have to get up a 6am to make it to church on time then do it.  Hermana Miranda “No way.  I have kids, I can’t be on time”  Haha.  The Bishop is pretty much “white washed” meaning he is more American than the others.  He was laughing by this point.  There were other things but those were the funniest parts.  Us missionaries never said a word we wished we had popcorn though because it was seriously one of the most funniest things I have ever seen!
     I hope all is going well. Please keep in touch with me and let me know how things are going. I love ya’ll so much! Life is too short, act NOW.
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Tousley
P.s. please read or watch the talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the October 2014 General Conference in the womens conference. Its called Living the Gospel Joyfully
Right before we went to transfer meeting…Last time with Hermana Carling (which by the way she got changed to English speaking)

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