Im not getting transferred! I get to stay with Hermana Hall another transfer. Hermana Carling is getting transferred. Im not sure if we will receive another companion or not. We will find out on Wednesday at transfer meeting. I am so excited to be here for another transfer. That means theres more people in this area that I need to meet and bring unto Christ.
     Oh boy was it humid this week. Its probably the most humid its ever been. I have never sweated so much in my life….and its not even Summer yet. It was pretty brutal on the bikes. When someone asked if we wanted water there was no question if we were going to say no. I really enjoy it though. Its something different from home and I learn to appreciate a car more and AC.
     Yesterday I had the opportunity to sing in Sacrament meeting with my District. We sand Mas Cerca Dios de Ti which is Nearer My God to Thee. As most of you may know im not a singer and im very shy and don’t like to be in front of a lot of people. Well I figured this would be my chance to get over my stage freight so I agreed to sing with my companions and with our 2 pairs of elders. We sang in parts. It went so well and I realized I really don’t have a bad voice. Tender Mercy right there.
     This week we did lots of service for members. The majority of our service was cleaning kitchens. Im so thankful my parents taught me how to clean and to clean well. Cleaning those kitchens with a smile on my face was probably the hardest kind of service ive had to do so far.
     I was struggling this week feeling like I wasn’t a good missionary. Yesterday was probably the worst because we were having really bad luck getting people to church and we lost one of our investigators Lupe. Lupe moved in with her boyfriend and we have no idea where he lives. She isn’t answering our phone calls or texts so we are really worried. On top of that Leticia hasn’t been answering our phone calls or texts either and she wasn’t home for 2 days straight which is really unusual. But last night we had an appointment with the Relief Society president Hermana Cervantez and we offered to help her with the visiting teaching districts and do anything she needed. After we left that lesson we received a text that said (translate din English of course) “Hermanas thank you so much for your  company and your service, you make me feel so loved by my Heavenly Father. I can truly feel his love for me through you Hermanas.” That right there let me know that I am doing my job. Even if its one persons heart that I touched last week its still touching someones heart. I know that doing service and just showing loves towards others can make a big difference in our lives and in our attitudes. I am so thankful for all the opportunities that I have to serve others. I encourage ya’ll to look for service activities and to look for those around you who just need a friend or even a smile. I promise you that you will feel Heavenly Fathers love for you but also see his love for those people that you serve. I love ya’ll soooo much! Keep your heads up and keep walking with faith over fear.
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Tousley
P.s. we had a young women from the ward Melissa Moreno come on a mini mission with us for a few days this week for her Spring Break. It was really fun and she helped us a bunch with our Spanish.
We made her a Placa (name tag)

DSCN1163[1] DSCN1166[1]


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