All those hard weeks, Here comes the MIRACLES!

Wow what a week! All the hard work and hard weeks really are paying off. Hermana Hall is finished with her antibiotic and feels great! The little critter is gone, thank goodness. Speaking of critters, We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science last pday for Hermana Carlings birthday. They have an area for all different types of insects and an area for all butterflies. Its beautiful! But to the real gross critter stuff i ATE a cricket…it was pretty gross….Our whole district did it together. I also had the chance to pet a shark! They were very big but it was still pretty scary. I really enjoyed going to the museum. We get in free because our Ward mission leader Jose Mendoza is a security guard over there. Theres some really cool history things there too, really awesome. Pictures to come at the end.
Now for the miracles! We had a zone conference with President Ashton this week and we were talking about teaching Family History and the Atonement. Right after zone conference we had a lesson with Leticia (my recent convert/ the cuban) as soon as we brought up family history to her she told us she had a dream the night before that she was carrying her mothers coffin to a beautiful river where there looked like to be a baptismal service for her mom, she said she now knew that her mother is ready to be baptized and has been waiting for her to do this baptism in the temple. She was full of tears and joy that she could do this for her mother. That brought me to tears and reminded me again how important how family history is and that our ancestors are waiting. I encourage you guys to do your family history and really seek to find those names. I know it takes time but its worth your ancestors salvation.
Another miracle, Lupe accepted to start taking lessons! I was so nervous to ask her because she has been taught by so many other missionaries. But we were teaching the Moreno family ( her best friend Dani’s family) about the Atonement and it brought her to tears. So after the lesson i asked her if we could start teaching her the lessons and she said ” Yes, please i would really love that.” We have been teaching her this week and she is planning on getting baptized on March 28th.
Another miracle with my spanish. Well let me just start off telling you guys how my Sunday went. So us missionaries are really living in another world than ya’ll we had no idea it was daylight savings time….We were in the middle of companionship study and our district leader calls and asks if we are gonna come and play the hymns for sacrament and we said yeah but not right now and he said uhm what time do you guys think it is? We freaked, jumped up and ran out the door to get to church 5 minutes late. Oh i forgot to mention the day before that Hermano Miranda ( from the bishopric) calls me and asks me to give a talk. I was planning on using the study time to prepare my talk, yes i had to wing it. Thats what the miracle was, it made me realize that i really do know spanish and i can express myself with out a paper. It was just like teaching a lesson but to a whole congregation. The Gift of Tongues is REAL.
Love ya’ll Have a great week!

Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Tousley

Cricket! and sharks!DSCN1147[1] DSCN1149[1]


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