Buenos Dias!
Wow 6 months already, this time is going by way to fast. After 6 months i finally learned how to smack my fingers together to make a clapping sound! Thats what everyone does here insted of clapping and they do it while they are laughing. I can honestly say these 6 months have been the best time of my life. Ive never loved so many people in my life. Ive never felt the Spirit and the Gospel change me so much. 1 year really isnt that long, and i can promise i am going to make the best of it and WORK!
Update on Hermana Hall (my baby/trainee) , she has a parasite from the Mexico water. She has been so miserable. The doctor gave her 5 really strong prescriptions to get rid of it so she is having a really rough time and is really week. I feel like this is why or companionship is a trio, so we can still work. I feel so bad for her. But i know shes gonna get better!
We were really blessed this week to find a new investigator that has a lot of potential! Her name is Erica. She is really young, married, and has 3 kids. We taught her and extended her a baptismal date and she said she wants to pray about it. So please pray that she may accept a date and know that this is the right path for her. Me and my companeras think that she can be baptized on the 21st.
Another cool miracle this week was that Jackie Moreno got baptized! We were able to help her to choose to be baptized right after she turned 8. I know it was a huge blessing for her family because they are a less active family and they were able to see her show her faith and that she wants to follow Jesus Christ. Not only was her family inspired but so was their friend Lupe (who we are working with to be baptized this month as well) She is Jackies older sister Dani’s best friend. We are really excited to see the Lords hand in our area this month!
Update on Fito (Carlos): He got a calling! He is in the Young Mens presidency in our ward! He is doing so awesome and i know that him having a calling and the priesthood are going to keep him active. We are also preparing him and his wife Connie (Maria) to go to the temple to do baptisms! Its so beautiful to see the gospel bless families and make them so much closer.
I now with all my heart that the only thing that can keep a family together is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the perfect foundation and it can never fall. I am so grateful that my family is built upon this foundation and that i have always had the Gospel in my life. This is why im here. I want other families to have what i have and have the knowledge that they can be together forever. Many people think families arent important but if we didnt have them who would we be? what support and love would we have? I know that families are CENTRAL to Gods plan. Dont ever forget how important your family is and your happiness is to our Heavenly Father.
I Love ya’ll soooo much!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tousley

P.S. It was so hard saying bye to Adrian and Valerie but i know ill see them again after my mission!DSCN1068


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