This week was just full of unexpected things, some things for good and some bad news.
But i know everything will work out and that these things happen for a reason.
Ill start off with the bad news. Adrian and Valerie are moving back to California….thats not the worst part though. They have pretty much gone inactive and back to their old ways..Well Adrian has. But im getting their new address and im gonna keep in contact with them and get missionaries over there. Its just so sad to see when satan works on people and they forget those things that made them happy. I know that Adrian will come back. Every one makes mistakes. Im just glad that i helped to set that foundation for him so that when he does fall he knows that he has the Atonement.
Now the good news! We had an unexpected baptism! We have been working really hard with the members to find prepared people that they know. We were visiting the Lopez family in our area e call them the Lopez 9 because they have 9 kids. Well one of their kids Juan is almost 10 years old and had not been baptized yet because he was waiting to be baptized the same day as his brother Rene who is 8. We were able to teach him all the lessons in 3 days and he and his brother Rene were baptized on Sunday! Huge miracle that we were able to find someone qualified for baptism as we were working with the members. You guys who are members, you have the keys to bringing the prepared people to the missionaries. You know those prepared people. Please look around you and find those people. You have the joy of this gospel, share it!
I feel the importance to talk to you guys about obedience. Obedience is the first law of Heaven. Our salvation relies on obedience. I know that not all the commandments are easy to keep. But they are blessings. They are ways for us to show our faith and obedience in order to become more like our Heavenly Father. Its never easy, but was it ever easy for Jesus Christ? He already paid the price, all we have to do is get on our knees and start over. Dont ever hesitate to do that. I was reading a talk by Thomas S Monson and he said that if we are reading the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon and praying and teaching our family to do the same that our children will grow up with more resistance to temptations of satan. What an amazing promise that is. I love you ya’ll so much! m grateful for your support, prayers, and love.
Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Tousley

This is Juan and Rene with their Dad who baptized them.



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