We got transfer calls today and i am staying in Houston 9! Hermana Smith is being transferred so i am finishing training Hermana Hall. Im super excited and so happy i got to stay in this area. I love it here and i love the people here. There are a lot of people that are from Guatemala that are in this area so i think thats why i love it here. Im not gonna lie they are my favorite hispanics here.

     So theres this thing that we call the Texas Honk here and it is when someone behind you honks at you right when the light turns green, you dont even have a chance to move your foot from the brake to the gas its hilarious! Me and my companion are thinking to get some horns on our bikes to honk at people that cut us off while we are riding! Oh and i finally figured out why we need mountain bikes here, the sidewalks are crazy. They are all uneven and different sizes. No wonder i have a bad back and tailbone. But i really enjoy it, its an adventure everyday.
     We have been a little frustrated this week because we have no investigators at the moment because we had to drop Ana Flores. But with our goal of 50 baptisms this month we prayed as a companionship to know what we need to do to contribute to that. Heavenly Father said that we will be able to bring 3 people unto him through baptism and that the only way we are going to find these people is through the members. So we have been meeting with all the members this week and asking them if we can have lessons in their apartments with someone they know who would like to hear a message about Jesus Christ. Now we have tons of appointments this upcoming week so we are hoping to find those 3 prepared people. please pray that we may be able to do so 🙂 Oh and by the way, ive been in this ward/area for 4 months and now the members can finally pronounce my name. Alot of them call me Hermana tussely.
     As a missionary i have to keep myself consecrated and my thoughts always on Jesus Christ and my purpose. To help me to be more consecrated i memorized Alma 26:11-12 ( my plaque scripture). It has really helped me to constantly remember that all these miracles and successes that i am seeing are not because of me. Its because of Heavenly Father. I really love this scripture and i encourage you guys to read it.
     Update on Carlos, he is preparing to take his brothers name to the temple and do his baptism. I never understood the importance of Family History until ive been on my mission. We have a big work to do as members. I know we are busy and already have so much to do, but i promise you that as you take the time o do this work for your ancestors that you will have more protection, especially from the temptations of Satan. Please if you are not already, work on your family history. There are so many people waiting for us to help them reach Salvation.
I love you guys so much!!! Thank you for all your support.
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Tousley
p.s. heres a little rooster we found in one of the apt complexes we were proselyting in!

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