This past week has been the most tiring week of my life. Ive never been so physically and spiritually worn out. Today for pday me and my companions are just gonna literally rest we are so brain dead. But we saw a lot of success this week. Most of the week Hermana Smith was out on exchanges so it was mostly just me and Hermana Hall. Im so thankful for my companions and their hard work and that we were able to get each other through this week.

I know i told you guys about Carlos ( he goes by Fito) last week and how we were really gonna try to get him to be baptized on Saturday. So we had an appointment with him and his family (The Barreno Family) for right after our interviews with President Ashton. During interviews we have to teach one of the APs, our zone leader, and President Ashton. They choose the topic randomly. They chose baptism. I taught them as if they were Carlos and was able to receive some revelation on what exactly he needed to hear to get him to take the step of baptism. They were really impressed and the AP asked did you speak spanish before your mission? ( Little tender mercy from Heavenly Father to let me know that my spanish is improving) That made me so happy. During interviews President Ashton let me know that either me or Hermana Smith are getting transferred next week. Im really hoping i dont because i want to finish training Hermana Hall but we will see what the Lord wants. Anyways, so after the interview we call Maria ( Carlos’s wife) and we told her we have been praying and praying to see who is ready to be baptized in our area this week and Heavenly Father is telling us your husband. I was so scared to tell her because i didnt know what her reaction would be. She was so excited and said that she would study up on baptism too so that she can teach with us! We were stoked. Our zone leader and district leader had the big impression that they needed to be present at that lesson as well. So we all taught him and really focused on how you need the Priesthood authority of God in order for a baptism to be valid. We taught so clear but also very in depth. The spirit was so strong and at the end of the lesson we read 2 nephi 31:10,13 and i asked him to be baptized and he said “Claro que si” which means yes of course! Such a huge miracle his wife was in tears she was so happy, he has been investigating for a LONG time. He was baptized on Saturday and was confirmed with his step daughter Ivanna who got baptized last week and their baby got blessed. Such an awesome Sunday.

Our district finished out our month with an amazing weekend. As a district we had 3 baptisms, 4 confirmations, and a wedding. We worked so hard and i am so thankful for your prayers to help us reach our goals. Our goal for this month of Feb is 50 baptisms if ya”ll could please pray for that!

One big thing ive learned this week is that Heavenly Father Sanctifies our Sacrifices. All we have to do is sacrifice all we can. Hes not gonna ever leave us hanging. He is our Father and only wants the best for us. I see his hand countless times in my day. I challenge you guys to look for those times when he is right there helping you through it. When his hand is in your day. I know he loves every single one of you and so do i!

Con mucho Amor,

Hermana Tousley



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