It was such a long week, but full of hard work and miracles. I have seen a huge improvement with my Spanish these past 3 weeks. The Gift of Tongues is real!  Just a little update on Adrian and Valerie, they are coming out to teach with us! But they have been having a hard time making it to church these past two weeks. Please keep them in your prayers. Valerie also found out that she is pregnant with a girl! We are super excited for her.

We were able to extend a baptismal date to Ana Flores this week for February 21st! She is so excited to get there and to do all she can to get there. She has a husband and two daughters who are of age for baptism. We haven’t had the chance to teach them yet but we are hoping we can soon. Heavenly Father is blessing us so much to be able to find these people that are ready. I know that as me and my companions are working hard and being exactly obedient we will see miracles.

IVANNA WAS BAPTIZED! I love to see such young children ( shes 10 years old but shes as tall as me!) make these huge covenants with our Heavenly Father, it is so beautiful. I am so happy for her, she was so ready and she is being such a huge example for her step dad Carlos who we think can be baptized this Saturday the 31st if he is ready the Book of Mormon everyday this week. Please pray that we can help bring about this miracle and please keep praying that we may be able to fulfill our goal of 60 baptisms as a mission. They fed us Lengua ( cow tongue) earlier this week. I had no idea it was lengua till they told us. it was soooo good!!

We taught the lesson el Sociedad de Socorro ( Relief Society) this week. It was on Charity and the purpose of the relief society. We shared some quotes from this last General Conferences talk by Jeffrey R Holland called Are we not all beggars? I encourage all of you to read or watch this talk. We all have the responsibility to love and serve one another. There is no excuse. We all are beggars in some way. Where much is given much is required.
As i was reading my scriptures this week i came across D&C 50:40 and it just really grabbed my attention. We are as little children, we cannot learn everything at one time. We are slowly growing in grace and truth that’s why Heavenly Father doesn’t give us all our burdens at once. We need to constantly be bettering ourselves and humbling ourselves before him to that we can strengthen our weaknesses (Ether 12:27) I hope that we can all be thankful for our trials and the experience we receive from them. Our weaknesses can be strengthened through our Savior Jesus Christ. There is always room to better our self and there is ALWAYS more room for humility.


Con Mucho Amor,

Hermana Tousley

P.s. If you can please watch the mormon message called Choose Today 🙂

This is Ivanna 🙂 Carlos is the one with gages (they are from Guatemala)

DSCN0975[1] DSCN0977[1] DSCN0979[1] DSCN0981[1]

Yes another SIN CITY sign lol



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