Feliz Ano Nuevo!

The best/most stressful week of my life!

First off i am training Hermana Hall! she is from Ogden Utah and is so sweet and is learning super fast. Second off im in a trio, Hermana Smith (my trainer) stayed with me. This transfer is gonna be super fun with us three! Its super crazy for me to be training right after i just finished training, that usually doesnt happen. But i am lovin it!

So he HUGE miracle! Adrian and Valerie got married on Friday and Baptized on Saturday! Thank you so much for your guys prayers,  know that they halped bring about this miracle. I have pictures coming so you guys can see them. We spent all week planning both. Do you know how hard it is for two 19 year old girls that know nothing about planning weddings to plan one? man it was so stressful but so worth it. I am so thankful that i was able to see and take part in such a beautiful miracle of bringing a family unto the gospel. The changes that i saw in both of them as they became closer and closer to Christ are indescribable. I will never forget the feelings i had as they were baptized. They are definitely eternal friends and i will always keep in touch with them.
Every thing possible that could have stopped them from being baptized and married happened. It was such a crazy week. But we got through it and they are ready to go. They are seriously so awesome. Valerie even came out to teach with us on Sunday! They have such beautiful testimonies.
They had a thank you dinner with us and got a cake to celebrate mine and Hermana smiths birthday for this month. They dont have the money to be doing that so it was a huge sacrifice. I cant wait for ya’ll to meet them!
If you guys could please keep praying that my mission will meet our goal of 60 baptisms this month. I know that especially with your guys prayers added on to ours we can meet this goal 🙂 We are already seeing so many miracles. Love you guys!!!!
Hermana Tousley

p.s. some of you guys have been asking for my address again: for letters 6503 Wanda Ln #3115 Houston, Tx 77069 and for packages 602 Eldridge Rd Sugarland, Tx 77479
This is a school by where we live “Holy Ghost School”

The Baptism

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