Happy New Year!!

This week was awesome!!

   I know you guys are waiting to know about transfers so i will tell you that first. Im training! and staying in the same area (Houston 9 north) Im super excited to train and find out who im training. its a big responsibility and im gonna try my best to be a good trainer.
   We had a mission Christmas Conference this week and at that conference we made a goal for 60 baptisms for the month of January as a mission. I am positive we can reach this goal with prayers and a lot of faith. I know that me and my companion can contribute to that 60 but i would please like to ask you guys for your prayers also that w may be able to reach this goal and contribute to it.
   I was so happy to see my family on skype on Christmas. You guys really keep me going and made me so happy. I am so thankful for my family and for how much love they show me. You guys are the best! i couldnt ask for any better. Im truly blessed with the best family.
   I was able to attend a family sealing in the temple this week for La familia Alecio in my area! It was so beautiful and very emotional to see a family be sealed and to see them know that they are together forever. I have some pictures ill attach at the end. Their little girl Zoe kinda looks like me when i was little, they are a super cute family form Guatemala. The Houston temple is small but BEAUTIFUL!
   We had another HUGE miracle this week. We have been struggling to get Adrian to want to marry Valerie so that they can get baptized. So me and Hermana Smith prayed to know what day Heavenly Father wants them baptized an she said the 3rd of January! Super crazy! So we prepared a really bold lesson about chastity and taught them on Sunday. Surprisingly the were all for it and they accepted to be married this friday and baptized on saturday!! I think a big reason why this was possible is because Adrian has been living the Word of Wisdom and there is a big difference in him and his personality. I am so happy for them! Please if you guys can pray that he can keep living the word of wisdom and that they will be able to get married and baptized this weekend and that satan will have no room to interfere.
   I am so thankful to be out here and see the miracles of the gospel. I know that the gospel blesses families and that it is true. i am so thankful for prayer and that i am able to communicate with the most powerful being our Heavenly Father. He hears and answers prayers, i can testify of that. He loves each and every one of us. We are his children. He want sus to return to him and live wiht him forever but the only way to do that is through our brother, Savior, and Redeemer JESUS CHRIST.
   I love you guys!!!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Tousley
p.s. Alma 37:36-37
Christmas conference
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