Wow this week has gone by super fast, its super surprising but i wasnt even ready for pday yet, i wasnt worn out enough. Maybe that means im slacking! But anyways i hope everyones Holidays are awesome and that ya’ll have enough fun for me too. So far i am loving the holidays on a mission. Everything means so much more and i love teaching people around this time while they are with their families. On Christmas my district is planning on having a district breakfast in the morning and open all our gifts together 🙂 then the rest of the day we are gonna go teach! Im really excited.
We were able to go to the temple grounds with Adrian and Valerie on friday. This was only possible because the youth of our ward were going to the temple. I know that this experience is going to help them progress towards their marriage and baptism. The temple is so beautiful. no matter which temple it is you can feel that peace and the spirit so strong there. I am so thankful for the temples and for the work we do there. I cant wait to be a temple worker one day.
Leticia got confirmed yesterday! She is so legit. She is already reading in Mosiah. It so awesome to see people so ready for the gospel and willing to give everything they can to have that gospel in their life and to follow Jesus Christ. Im so thankful that i was able to see that miracle with here and see her light being rekindled.
I was reading in D&C chapter 84 early this week and i really liked verses 81-84. As long as we are doing the right things and worrying about our eternal salvation and not the worldy things Heavenly Father is going to bless us with our needs. There is so many beautiful blessings in the scriptures. I encourage all you guys to read them. It is a commandment and just missing one day of reading them could keep us out of the celestial kingdom. Thats a huge thing to think about.
I am so excited ofr Christmas and i hope you guys are keeping that Christmas spirit with you. Remember all that Christ has done for you and why we are here on this earth.
I really enjoy being out here and helping these people. Im grateful for all of ya’ll and your prayers, love and support.
we got caked! This is the Moreno familys kids. They are from Guatemala
earlier this week it rained so much i was walking in water above my ankles!
Adrian and Valerie with us at the Temple

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