Hey ya’ll!

Im gonna be done with training in 2 weeks! I might be transferred or i could be training a new missionary. I really hope i dont leave this area because i love my investigators and the members here. In case i do get transferred if you guys write me a letter, for now send it to 602 Eldridge Rd Sugarland, Tx 77479. Thats the same address that you can send packages to also.

This week has been really hard and frustrating because nothing was working out for us. But I put my trust in Heavenly Father and had faith in the blessing President Ashton gave us. A huge miracle happened! Leticia was baptized yesterday! We seriously just met her a week ago. We only taught her  twice and then this Saturday morning me and Hermana Smith were having our companionship prayer and we got the biggest impression that she could be baptized on Sunday. We thought it was such a crazy prompting but it was Heavenly Fathers will. SO we went over the baptismal interview questions with her and taught her everything she needed to know to be baptized. She was so excited and ready to be baptized. Heavenly Father truly blesses us with people who are prepared for the gospel. Shes going to be an amazing addition to this ward, shes already doing service and sharing the gospel with her friends. As President Ashton said, this month can be a month of miracles if we have the faith!

Ive been thinking a lot about how we have the gospel but are we prepared? Are we prepared to return to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christs presence? We need to be continually preparing ourselves by the simple things: reading the scriptures, praying everyday, going to church every sunday, and repenting daily. I encourage you guys to evaluate if you are prepared to meet God. Remember to think of Christ during this beautiful holiday season and serve everyone around you LOve you guys!!


Hermana Tousley

P.s. Read or listen to October 2014 conference talk by Jorg Klebingat called ” Approaching the throne of God with Confidence”

P.s.s. The one time we get fed by members this week we get fed pig feet!



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