This week went by so fast that I cant remember what happened!
The weather has been really bipolar, one day it will be freezing and the next day it will be hot, humid, and rainy.
We found two new investigators. One is names Myra and the Other is Latcia
Myra is so interested. She wants to know Christ and be clean through him. We extended a date for dec 27 to her and she accepted. We are hoping we can get her to progress towards that date. Laticia Is so legit! We met her Saturday night and taught her and she showed up at church on sunday, bore her testimony, and said she knows she needs to be apart of this church. I know that the blessing President Ashton gave to our mission has truly been showing this week!
Adrian and Valerie are still progressing, but Adrian doesn’t want to get married yet. We are having a hard to seeing him too because he just got a job that hes been working 52 hours a week. We are hoping we can touch their hearts and that they may be able to get married and baptized by dec 20. I now that’s around the corner but Heavenly Father works his miracles in his time.
The scriptures are seriously my best friend. I have really come to know them and love them even more in just this short time. I know they are the words of God and that they are true. I know that they contain the answers to any question and that through them we become closer to Christ. I know that as long as we are striving to read, search, and ponder them each day we will be blessed in ways we cant even imagine. I hope you guys will take the time to read these blessings in the scriptures and live the doctrine they teach. I love you guys so much! Hope ya’ll have a good week and stay safe and remember to keep Christ in your thoughts and your heart.
Hermana Tousley
These are some of the few families that are active in my ward 🙂 we are at our 2nd counselor in the bishoprics apartment for a FHE
This is Liz with me and my companion. Shes thinking about going on a mission! and Christina this roach picture is for you! I told you I would send the biggest ones I find!

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