I don’t even know where to start.
I don’t even remember what happened this week. All I know is that it was really hard and frustrating but im keeping a smile on my face and doing all that I can do.
My Spanish is improving so fast Im so thankful  for it. There are so many different kinds of Hispanics here and I can now pick out accents and tell where people are from. I know that I m in the united states, but honestly it doesn’t feel like it at all. Its just Hispanic culture all around me, but I love it.
I gave a talk in sacrament this Sunday about missionary work and that the members need to start doing more with helping the work go forth. I was so happy that I was able to speak that much in Spanish at once. The gift of tongues is real.
Its been a really humbling week. We had lots of new people to teach and lots of people with set baptism dates but all of them fell except. It was hard for me and I kept blaming myself for it. But Heavenly Father comforted me and told me that my purpose right now is to plant seeds in peoples hearts. I just need to keep having faith and do my best.
Adrian and Valerie are our only baptism dates. Ive been able to help them a lot. We are trying to get them married before the 20th of diciembre so hopefully that will work out and we are trying to help Adrian with the word of Wisdom. We just hope all works out and that they can get to their goal of baptism.
In our zone meeting this week we learned so much. One thing that stood out to me is how much sacrifice that was out into bringing about the Book of Mormon. We need to appreciate the scriptures and be thankful that we each are able to have our own copy to read. The scriptures are the safety for our soul, SEARCH them! Treasure up the word and live the doctrine they teach.
One last thing before I go, The church has a video called El es la Dadiva and it is about the birth of Jesus Christ and how he is the first gift of Christmas. It is very spiritual and can bring many people unto Christ. In English its called He is the Gift. If you guys could please share this video on facebook and with everyone you know! Its on navidad.mormon.org or Christmas.mormon.org. Please share it you guys, it can change lives. The Church actually purchased all the advertisements on youtube for the 7th of December and the biggest billboard in times square in New York to promote that Jesus Christ is the true gift. If you guys could please support this as representatives of Jesus Christ I promise you that you will receive blessings this Christmas season. I love you guys so much!
Hermana Tousley
P.s Alma 37:37
This is Jaeden, Rosas grandson, soo cute! He loves us
Me with some of the kids from the Alecio family in our ward. They are from Guatemala.
Eleazar’s Chihuahua Peanut looks just like rocky!!

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