My goodness this week has been awesome…besides our infestation of flying roaches in our apartment. Heavenly Father was just carrying me through my whole week showing me miracles. Before i get to the miracles, we were able to go to the temple twice this past week! We went as a mission on Thursday and we went today as a district. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!! Everything is so pure and sacred. Ive never felt the veil so thin before. I recieved so much revelation while in the temple. After i did a session today i was able to be a part of some sealings as a daughter. I seriously was just balling throughout those. I am so thankful to have an eternal family and to have had this gospel my whole life. I know that as we do temple work and family history the veil will be thinner and thinner and we will gain that true love of Christ for others in our hearts.

     Okay now for the miracles. There was lots but im just gonna share the biggest one.  So guess who we were able to see this week !? Leo and Josef!!! and their moms Reina and Rossy. They were so excited to see us and said that everything that happened is in the past. They want us to start teaching them again! I knew they would turn around. Oh the other miracle is that Josef is better now, the elders blessing healed him. Maybe thats part of the reason why they wanted us back. We planted that seed in them and Heavenly Father is working his magic. 
    I extended baptismal dates to Ana and Carina this week! They are so ready for the gospel. Ive noticed that if you focus every little thing you teach back to Christ thats what touches their heart. You could teach the best lesson about the Restoration and Joseph Smith but if you dont focus it on Jesus Christ they arent going to be interested, feel the spirit, or keep commitments. Like i have said before JESUCRISTO ES TODO! ( Jesus Christ is everything) He really is, what would we be without his atonement? Honeslty nothing. I still will never be able to comprehend the love that he has for us. Its too much to comprehend. 
    I taught a lesson in our district meeting this week. My topic was suppose to be on preparing investigators for baptism and confirmation. As soon as i heard my topic i automatically thought of Love. The spirit told me to talk about love, and im thinking how does that make sense. But i studied it out and realized how can you helping bring someone salvation if you dont love them? How can you teach the gospel and have the spirit without love? Everyones universal language is love, if you speak and act with love those people you teach will recognize that love. It is the only language that can touch the heart. Love you guys! and i really love hearing from you. Dont ever forget who you are and your potential. God doesnt see you as what you are now, he sees you for what you can become!
Hermana Tousley
P.s. Perfect Love casteth out all Fear 1 John 4:18

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