Email from 10/27/14

This week has been sooooo crazy!
Let me just start off by saying I had my first bike crash finally! I have some pics ill attach at the end. I went on an exchange with one of the Hermanas I was in the mtc with. Her name is Hermana Jones. We had a day full of miracles. First off her tire pops while we are on our way to an appointment. But luckily some members randomly show up and help us out. Then some random guy comes up to saying I want to learn more about your church when is service at and can you guys teach me. It was so legit. He showed up at Hermana Jones ward on Sunday isn’t that so crazy?? Hes so ready for the gospel.
Me and Hermana Smith have been able to teach a lot of people this week that we have been trying to get ahold of for the longest time. We have definitely gotten up from our hard week last week and worked even harder. I love doing this work. Ive never seen so many miracles in my life. I love the people here. There are so many different dialects of Spanish here so its kinda hard to understand some people but its getting easier. My speaking is going so well. Im killin it! But I know its only through the gift of tongues that Heavenly Father has blessed me with.
We went for a walk the other day during our language study just because we got the impression to. While we were walking a lady named Trasandra stopped us and asked if we could pray with her. She was having problems with her marriage I said she knew we were close to the spirit. So I offered the prayer and after she was crying so much and hugging us and saying thank you. Im so thankful for the promptings of the spirit.
So theres this other really old couple that we have only taught once. Their names are Rosa and Francisco. We decided to go see them this week and found out that Francisco went to Mexico until December but that he took the Book of Mormon with him and has been reading it everyday and said he wants to be baptized in our church when he gets back. How awesome is that??
Well its been an awesome week and im so thankful for all your guys support and love. I feel it everyday and im so thankful for eacg one of you. Keep being the best you can be and representing Christ the way he would want you to. Remember “You receive no promise until after the trial of your faith”
Hermana TousleyDSCN0552[1]

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